Mobility at Work: Banner Stand Wall Kit

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Nothing has quite the enduring appeal as the banner stand. Recognized for its pivotal role at meetings, its prominence in lobbies, or its magnetic presence at events, this tool is a testament to the blend of visibility and portability. But let’s look deeper into an issue most exhibitors resonate with: the quest for an exhibit stand that’s both professional-looking and easy to travel with.

3 Banner Stand Kit with Hard Case
Banner Stand Wall Kit

The Banner Stand Wall Kit emerges as the answer to this widespread dilemma. To start with, its setup is incredibly user-friendly. No more fumbling or frustration – all it takes is a quick adjustment of the swivel feet, followed by the unveiling of the banner graphic from its solid aluminum sanctuary. The subsequent step is attaching a pole to the top profile bar. But the innovation doesn’t end here. One of its standout features is the shipping case that morphs into a podium. So, not only do you eliminate storage concerns for the hard shipper, but you also gain a podium adorned with a printed graphic wrap. What about accessibility? A zippered opening in the back ensures you have easy access to stored items.

But here’s where it gets even more intriguing. Ever dealt with the challenge of uneven flooring or unpredictable carpeting at events? The kit’s connectors, designed to attach to the top profile bar, ensure everything remains perfectly in line, irrespective of the surface. The cherry on top is its unparalleled portability.

CA600 Case-to-Counter
CA600 Case to Counter

Packing everything into the CA600 Case-to-Counter is a breeze. Whether you’re considering shipping it through UPS, FedEx, or simply checking it in for a flight, its hard case, replete with wheels and a handle, promises a hassle-free transportation experience. In a world where branding is ever-evolving, equip yourself with an exhibit solution that’s not just keeping up, but leading the way.

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