At-A-Glance: WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Towers and Counters

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When it comes to a creative exhibit solutions, WaveLight has always been at the forefront. We’re shining the spotlight on their backlit inflatable air counters and air towers, offering you an overview of all the exciting options available. Our goal? To help you visualize, compare, and select the ideal product tailored to your needs.

WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Towers and Counters

Stand Tall with WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Air Towers

WaveLight’s inflatable Air Towers are designed to make a grand statement at any event. These are not just any towers; they are backlit wonders that can transform any booth or display space into a bright spectacle.

Shapes & Sizes: Whether you prefer a classic round or a sleek square, there’s a shape to match your taste. Sizes range from a compact 59″ to a striking 126″ tall.

Features: Each tower boasts full color dye sublimation printing, ensuring vibrant and true-to-design visuals. And, of course, every tower is fully backlit, complete with lighting and a transformer.

Overhead View: WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Towers and Counters

Illuminate Your Brand with WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Air Counters. WaveLight brings the same ingenuity to their inflatable air counters. Designed to be both functional and visually appealing, these counters can elevate your brand’s presence at any event.

WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Air Counters

Shapes & Sizes: Choose from round, square, or rectangle shapes. Height options include 22″ or 38″, making them versatile for various display needs.

Features: Like the towers, these counters are printed using full-color dye sublimation, ensuring your branding stands out beautifully. And with the backlit feature, they’ll shine brightly, drawing attendees’ attention even from a distance.

In conclusion, WaveLight’s backlit inflatable products offer the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. Their ability to light up any space makes them a must-have for exhibitors looking to leave a lasting impression. With their new, competitive pricing, now is the best time to add these illuminated marvels to your exhibit arsenal.

Dive into the world of WaveLight and let your brand shine!

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