WaveLight Backwalls with Waterfall Shelving

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Tradeshows have and will always be competitive, and standing out is crucial for every exhibitor. That is why we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – the 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display with Waterfall Shelving. This new booth configuration is not just a display; it’s a game-changer in how products are showcased, combining our popular backlit display with an elegantly designed shelving solution.

Wavelight 10ft Waterfall - Left
Elevate Your Trade Show Experience with the 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display with Waterfall Shelving

This is the ultimate solution for exhibitors who often face the challenge of creating a booth that is both eye-catching and functional. The WaveLight display addresses these needs head-on:

Ease of Setup and Transport: Made of lightweight aluminum frames, the display can be assembled in minutes, making setup a breeze. It comes with a wheeled hard case, fitting comfortably in most cars, ensuring both easy transport and protection of your investment.
Versatility and Customization: Tailor the display to your brand with different colors, graphics, and accessories. The shelving units can be adjusted or removed according to your product dimensions, offering flexibility whether you’re using the display on its own or within a larger booth.

Wavelight 10ft Waterfall with Monitor and Garment
Wavelight 10ft Waterfall with Monitor and Garment

Effective and Memorable Impact: The display is not just a backdrop; it’s a focal point. Bright and vibrant graphics draw visitors from a distance, while the shelves invite closer interaction with your products, enhancing customer engagement and conveying your value proposition effectively.

Wavelight 10ft Waterfall GIF

One common problem that exhibitors face is creating a booth that not only stands out but also attracts and retains visitor attention. Our backlit display with shelving addresses this challenge by providing a visually stunning and practical display. It not only showcases products and services effectively but does so in the best possible light, literally and figuratively.

The 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display kit is comprehensive and includes:

(1) 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display
(1) Waterfall XL Frame System
(3) Waterfall XL Plexiglass Shelves
(2) CA700 Hard Travel Cases

Expand Your Display with Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your display further with additional options like the CA700 Case to Counter Graphic, a second Waterfall XL Frame System for extra shelves, a monitor mount, or a garment rack. For exhibitors requiring a larger display, the 18.5′ Wide WaveLight Backlit Display is an excellent upgrade.

CA 700 Case to Counter

To conclude, the 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display with Waterfall Shelving is more than just a booth accessory; it’s a strategic investment in your trade show success. Offering unparalleled ease, versatility, and impact, it’s the solution exhibitors have been waiting for. Elevate your trade show presence and create lasting impressions with this innovative display solution.

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