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Exhibitors have been using Towers in their booths more and more lately. Just a couple of years ago, there weren’t very many options to choose from and the options that did exist were expensive and clunky. Now the options seem limitless.

Hanging Signs vs Towers

Some exhibitors are looking for another option to put their logo high in the air since Hanging Signs can be expensive to rig. While the cost to buy a Hanging Sign and Tower is comparable, the rigging fees — charged by the show contractor — are an added cost associated with Hanging Signs.

However, it is fair to mention that to a certain degree, comparing Hanging Signs and Towers is a bit like comparing apple to oranges. Nothing quite beats the visibility of your Hanging Sign high above all the other exhibits (including Towers). Bottom line: If your budget permits, I would still recommend a Hanging Sign.


Towers & Hanging Signs


When to use a Tower Display

The first step to consider when deciding to use a Tower is knowing your site line rules for your particular booth space (usually found in the Exhibitor Manual).
Refer to the maximum height allowed for your booth. For many 10×10 and 10×20 spaces, it only allows for a maximum height of 8 feet. For example, the back 5 feet of your booth can go 8 feet tall, but the front 5 feet of your booth can only go to 4 feet tall (most common in 10×10 booth spaces). 20×20 booth spaces generally provide for more flexibility and will often allow a maximum height of 16 feet. But make sure to check first. If you are still unclear after referring to your Exhibitor Manual, then it’s worth sending an email to the show with your inquiry.

Different Types of Trade Show Towers

Each Tower system offers something uniquely different while still achieving the most important goal which is to effectively display your branding image from as far away as possible. So how do you know which system is right for you? I put together this At-a-Glance comparison so you can determine which best fits your needs.

SEG Towers

SEG Towers utilize the Silicone Edge Graphic System which is an aluminum frame combined with the full-color fabric graphic. The price point is low to middle of the road and is perfect for the event manager who doesn’t mind some light assembly. Each tower can fit snug in the Hard Travel Case. One of the bigger advantages of using the SEG Frame is that it works very nicely for back-lighting. If turning your tower into a giant light box is a priority for you, then you will most likely want to go with this option.

TRIGA Towers

TRIGA Towers use a completely tool-less frame which by design is simple to put together. Each piece simply snaps together with ease and the graphics are fabric. The TRIGA System is considered to be a truly modular frame. You can construct walls, counters, towers, you name it out of this genius set up. The cost is medium to high, but considering the time savings over the long run, spending a little more now, will save a lot in the future.

Formulate Towers

Formulate Towers are also a fabric graphic but utilize a push-pin aluminum frame system. This frame (sometimes called a pillowcase style) easily snaps together without the need for tools. The price point is middle of the road to high for some of the larger and more unique shapes. The biggest advantage of the Formulate System over other tower frames is the unique ability to create a range of shapes like funnels and endless curved options.

Other Trade Show Options

Lastly, there are some other options that are becoming increasingly popular, such as Inflatable Columns and the Tri-Tower Deluxe. These options cleverly use banner stands in a configuration that looks like a simple tower. Inflatable Columns and the Tri-Tower Deluxe are perfect low-cost alternatives.

Inflatable and Tri Tower Deluxe

As Towers become more and more popular at Trade Shows and Events across the country, we will share new information about the latest Tower products on our blog. This way you can stay informed in the ever-changing exhibition landscape.
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