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Custom Modular Counter with Monitor Mount

The Custom Modular Pro Counter to the right is a hard panel counter/ kiosk that has front side graphics and back side locking door with mid-shelf.  

This can be done as a counter or as a kiosk (with the TV Mount and vertical signage).  The cables run down an opening in the vertical pole to the cabinet space below.  Great for storing laptops or computers.

Holds TV Monitor up to 55″ and 80 lbs

As shown here the price is approx $3,900 each and includes the Hard Travel Case and (1) TV Mount with the Printed Signage.

These are extremely sturdy and has a nice counter top space for getting work done. One of the nice things about this kiosk counter is that it is designed to be 2-way interactive, meaning you can be on one side and the attendee can be on the other side and use to sign people up.

One thing to mention also is that this counter can be modified somewhat with different size or different shape graphic.  You have from a couple choices the counter top color as well.

Formulate Trade Show Kiosks

The Formulate Kiosks allow for a TV Monitor and nice background graphics.  The TV stand is heavy duty.  The graphics are a stretch fabric that go over a push-pin style tube frame.

Each comes with a Hard Travel Case.

As shown to the right ranges from $3,000 to $4,000.  

Includes the Medium Monitor mount (holds monitor from 32″ to 55″ and up to 80 lbs), pillowcase fabric printed graphics and Hard Travel Cases.

The nice thing about the Formulate Display Kiosk is it provides a free-standing option that can be branded.  Functional with shelving and the TV monitor and the rest is a great opportunity to add your company branding.

Linear Trade Show Kiosk

The Linear Kiosk come in a couple different styles as shown to the right.   It is similar to the Modular Pro and has an option with locking door.  The style is a little different and is more for 1-way interaction since it has side and top graphics.  So great to use as a presentation kiosk where you don’t need to interact with an attendee or sign them up.

Linear Kiosk #1 is about $3,200 and Kiosk #5 is about $1,200.  Each comes with the Hard Travel Case. 

Other Kiosk Options

Timberline Monitor Display with nice area for branding. Can add shelving.

This option doesn’t have an opportunity of a TV monitor, but just wanted to show it to you.

Vector Kiosk Display that is great for video presentations.  Can be Double-sided graphics.

This one doesn’t have a TV monitor either, but low cost and looks really nice.

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