Blimp Tower: Smart Alternative to Traditional Hanging Signs

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Standing out is essential when joining trade shows, and achieving this without incurring high costs is a challenge many exhibitors face. This is where our 15.25ft tall Blimp Tower comes into play, offering a striking and cost-effective alternative to conventional Trade Show Hanging Signs.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Rigging Fees

One of the biggest pain points for exhibitors is the hefty rigging fees and labor costs associated with traditional hanging signs. Our Blimp Tower provides a solution to this problem. Not only does it stand a whopping 15.25ft tall, ensuring visibility from all directions within your booth space, but it also features a top rotating round sign powered by a 2RPM motor, capturing attention from afar.

What’s Included in the Full Booth Kit?

This complete solution includes:

  • The full tower and top rotating hanging sign hardware.
  • Vibrant, full-color printed fabric graphics covering all tower sides and the top sign.
  • Soft travel bags for easy transport, with an optional hard case with wheels for added convenience and protection.
Hard Case with Wheels

Enhance Your Tower with Optional Features

  • TV Monitor Mount: Add a TV mount to the side of the tower for video presentations, demos, marketing reels, and more, making your booth not only visible but also interactive.
  • Storage Space: Utilize the inside of the tower for storage during the show. An optional zipper can be requested for easy access.
  • Combine with Matching Displays: For a cohesive and fully branded appearance, pair the Blimp Tower with InfoDesk Counters, WaveLine Back Walls, Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosks, and more.
Blimp Tower at Trade Show

Convenient and Portable

The entire setup can be packed into the CA700 Case-to-Counter, which comes equipped with straps and wheels, ensuring your exhibit is as portable as it is eye-catching.

In conclusion, the Blimp Tower offers a unique and effective way to make your booth stand out at any trade show. By avoiding expensive rigging fees and offering a versatile, high-visibility solution, it’s an ideal choice for exhibitors looking to maximize their impact and minimize costs. Get ready to take your trade show presence to new heights!

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