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So far, we’ve talked about the TRIGA Frame System and the Tubular Displays from the article, “Understanding the Difference Between Trade Show Back Walls”. The third and final display mentioned is the SEG Frame System. This unique Exhibit option is the most versatile and custom of all the options. It may require some light assembly, but it is worth it to produce some of the most visually appealing displays on the market.

What is SEG and what does it stand for?

First things first, SEG stands for ‘Silicone Edge Graphics’. That is because the graphics which are a Full Color Dye Sublimated Fabric are each finished with a silicone strip that gets finished around the perimeter of each graphic. This silicone strip is then used to fit inside the groove around the frame. It simply gets pushed with your finger tips all the way around the frame and that is what gives it the nice, clean finished edge that makes this frame system so attractive.
The frame itself is made from an aluminum extrusion that is strong but still lightweight. Each frame piece connects together using either brackets held by Allen screws or quick locks that snap together. The frame can designed so that it fits inside Hard Travel Cases or on a pallet.

SEG Options Galore!

The SEG Frame can be used to build Counters, Towers, Platforms, or a combination of these to create Full Booth Packages. Regardless of Booth Size, there are options for all different layouts. Here are links to some of our popular configurations for 10×10′, 10×20′ and 20×20′ spaces.

One of my favorite features made possible by the SEG Frame are Lightboxes. These have become extremely popular as the cost of the LED modules have come down and they started appearing at more and more Trade Shows. The LED modules are attached to the frame and shine brightly behind the graphic. Usually we put a fabric backliner to capture the light so the graphic glows bright with your colors and imagery.

SEG Frame Accessories

There are also several accessories that we provide that can enhance your display for this type of frame such as a TV Mount that holds a monitor up to 42″ as well as Top Clamp Lights which can light the face of the graphic if you prefer to not have it be a lightbox. For shipping, I would recommend The BIG Case which is perfect for the SEG frames to fit inside and ship. For larger projects like the Full Booth Packages, I would recommend shipping to your show on a pallet so that everything stays together so there is no risk of losing any packages.

As always, it is a pleasure bringing you the latest display options from Production Prints! If you have any questions, please contact us at our contact us page, live chat, or call us at 866-398-5938.

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