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For companies that have a larger size booth space and the budget to create custom style exhibits, a hanging sign that is fully customized to your brand and booth may be a great investment. While the cost to design and produce the Trade Show Hanging Sign is a one-time investment, the cost to set up and break at each show is something that you will want to factor into your overall budget. Here are some of the steps involved from start to finish when incorporating a Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign as part of your booth assets.

Why Use A Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign

The key to tradeshow success is to make sure that you maximize your visibility and be seen by as many attendees as possible. There is no one single better exhibit to accomplish this task than with a hanging sign. Since these are suspended from the ceiling they are impossible to miss. When you add your company logo, colors, and designs it’s like a sign for your storefront. While we have many standard sizes and shapes for hanging signs we’re also seeing a lot of companies choose a custom shape or size that is specific to their booth. This can sometimes mean multiple hanging structures, unique shapes, spotlighting or just the sheer size of a large tradeshow hanging sign. It is not uncommon to see a 50-foot long Trade Show Hanging Sign above the booth space at some of the larger industry shows. This article will examine some of the information that’s needed to accomplish this.

Plan Plan Plan

It is crucial to give yourself enough time to plan. While the preparation of having a custom hanging sign is not terribly difficult there are a few details that you will need to touch on to make sure everything goes according to plan. My recommendation is that everything starts with contacting the show and having a discussion with them about what is possible to have in your booth space. They have all of your information like booth location and what you can have them what you can’t have. They can refer to the site line restrictions in the show manual that will give detailed information about any setbacks, ceiling height, potential conflicts with neighboring booths, etc. once you have the blessing of the show this will make you feel more secure with proceeding to the planning stages of getting the size and shape and style of your sign. The custom Trade Show Hanging Sign signs that we do are all based around the same type of frame system using the aluminum pushpin portable frame system with full-color tension fabric graphics. This allows us to do a hanging sign with different shapes and virtually unlimited size.

At The Show

These days most convention centers require that Trade Show Hanging Signs are set up by show site labor. It’s a liability issue and assures that the show who is suspending a structure above your booth is able to examine the parts and frame, and is able to make sure that it has structural integrity. This means it is going to be important for you to have instructions that are custom tailored to your particular hanging sign and labels on each piece so that the show site labor will understand how goes together. Also, they will need to determine whether or not your custom Trade Show Hanging Sign is going to be hung with cables that the show provides or if it needs to be supported with a truss system. A truss frame is really only used when the hanging sign is very large or heavy or if there are lights being added. Whenever a truss system is being used they’re lifted with what is called a “chain lift”, which ensures proper safety when lifting the display.

As you can see there are just a few steps involved when you decide to make the investment in a custom Trade Show Hanging Sign. You should give yourself plenty of time with typically a couple months to plan and organize so that there is enough time to design produce and ship to your show. If you have any questions let us know.

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