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The Lumiere product line is back with a couple new additions that can take your existing Lumiere back wall assets and turn them into a full booth package.

Whether you’re looking for some more unique design opportunities with the overhead bridge display, merchandising products with the showcase towers, adding storage or dressing rooms with the door modules, these new Lumiere Display Add-ons can certainly help you fulfill those ideas.

Lumiere Overhead Bridge Exhibit

The new Lumiere Light Wall Bridge brings overhead signage direct to your booth. If you’re unable to add a hanging sign to your booth but looking to get some extra design aesthetics and visibility to your booth, this could be a great addition to your booth setup.

You could create an entryway to your booth if you’d like direct show attendees on a certain path in your booth or place it in the center of a 10×20 and create an arch design with information displayed on the inside and outside.

This configuration utilizes two Lumiere back walls and connects them together with specialized connectors that come with the Lumiere Bridge unit and is available in both backlit and non-backlit variants,

New Lumiere Door Module

Ever wished you had some extra storage areas or a dressing room for attendees?

We get these questions pretty often and we try to point them towards counters with built-in storage, some shelving units/displays, or even some extra travel cases.

However, that still leaves out people who need even more space than what a counter or shelves can provide and that’s where the door module comes in handy.

With the Lumiere Light Wall Door module you’ll be able to create completely custom sized closets or dressing rooms and since the walls will be 100% Lumiere based, your booth will still be completely branded so you won’t have to compromise on that.

Better yet, if you have the booth space available you might want to consider a meeting room so you can take requests, orders, or just discuss things in a more private setting without having to meet somewhere off of the trade show floor.

Lumiere Showcase Displays

These neat little displays offer numerous possibilities to merchandise both your products as well as the branding for your company or product.

They’re available in 3 different sizes (small: 40” tall, medium: 60” tall, large: 80” tall) and the small and medium showcase displays come with a hard countertop so you can place items on top of it or within one (or two) of the optional, internal showcases available for all sizes.

This display utilizes the same style collapsible frame system so setup time is minimal even with these!

Quick Add-ons

Need to switch something up quickly before your next show, but don’t want to buy a whole showcase display?

Or do you want to turn your backwall into a merchandising backwall with shelves across the whole unit?

With the Lumiere Light Wall External Shelves you can do just that. Available with just the shelving unit itself or with an additional hanging rod for hanging clothes or even with a led lighting system to highlight the shelf below it.

These units are easily “retrofitted” or added to existing units so you don’t have to repurchase the whole backwall if you want to add these shelves to your existing display.


We’ve been extremely happy with the Lumiere Light Wall system already but we’re particularly excited about these recent additions to this line because it allows our customers to stay within the Lumiere product line for their whole booth setup.

With that said, the Lumiere Light Wall system has already become very popular, but we’re expecting to see them become even more so with these welcomed additions.

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