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Sometimes we get enough questions about a certain product type that instead of making it a footnote in an obscure section of our FAQ Page, it’s better to make a whole resource section that can be used and expanded on over time. Backlit Trade Show Displays can be different from model-to-model, but there are a lot of questions we get that apply to most if not all of the different options. Let’s have a look at the questions we get asked most often and we’ll answer each of them:

#1- What Makes a Trade Show Exhibit Backlit?

The main features of a backlit exhibit using LED Lights (stands for light emitting diodes) are:

If you try to make a standard material like stretch fabric backlit, it will look dull and will not work well, so part of any great backlit display is having the special backlit printed material to make the graphics really POP!

#2- Is Having a Backlit Displays Worth the Cost?

My overly simplistic answer is YES! …if you have the budget for it. Because a Backlit Exhibit adds quite a bit to the cost (albeit a lot less than in the past), it’s important to first make sure that the higher cost is within your budget.

A backlit display is approximately about 2-3 times more expensive than a comparable non-backlit exhibit. That being said, the benefits you get are HUGE, and those that have crossed over to backlit find it near impossible to go back!

#3- How much electricity do I need in my booth?

This will all depend on the size of your display and it’s electricity consumption rate (wattage). As an example, a standard 10′ wide X 7.5′ tall Backlit Lumiere Display has 4 rows of LED Ladder Lights. Each row draws about 105W. So the total for all 4 is approx 420W.

When you go to order electricity at your booth, you will want to do a simple calculation by getting the total wattage from your display supplier (like above) and then also add in all the other components in your booth that will require electricity like laptops, phone chargers, tv monitors, demo equipment, etc. Take that total estimated number and add on 10-20%. This will be how much electricity you will need to order from the show.

#4- Are Backlit Displays Harder to Set Up?

Trade Show Backlit Displays seem a little more intimidating since it has additional components, but the good news is there are so many great options out there for exhibitors now that are portable, plug & play and super easy to set up. The WaveLight Backlit Displays can be set up in under 30 minutes. Heck, some of them are even inflatable now like the WaveLight Towers and WaveLight Counters and practically set up on their own!

So really to answer this question it depends from one type of frame system to the next, but just because a display is backlit does not mean they are more difficult.

#5- Do Backlit Displays Get Hot?

Not if they are LED. Any light is emitting some sort of heat, but LED’s are perfectly safe to use for backlit displays that are specially engineered and tested for their approved uses. Other types of lighting like halogen ARE NOT recommended for backlighting and may create a fire hazard. Here is a good video showing a chocolate bunny- one melting and not the other.

#6- What if a bulb burns out? Will it still work?

Our Backlit Exhibits are either LED Edge Lit or LED Ladder Lights. In either case, they use many different ‘LED’s’ (light emitting diodes). In the unlikely event that one goes out, it will still work normal since they are not dependent on each other and with so many other lights, it won’t effect the performance by much if a couple were to stop working.

It’s not like the Griswold Christmas Vacation movie where one light goes out and the whole things stops working.

#7- Can You Add a TV Monitor on a Backlit Wall or Tower

On certain select options, yes. The Lumiere Light Walls allow for TV’s to be mounted as well as the SEG Backlit Walls and Towers.

Final Words

We’ll continue to add to the list of questions as long as they keep coming in so that this resource page becomes a helpful destination for those looking for answers about this exciting new category of Trade Show Displays.

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