Gulf Electroquip – 10X8′ TRIGA Backlit Wall

Categories: TRIGA Displays
This month we are profiling a 10 x 8 Trade Show Backlit Display for Gulf Electroquip. This customer had previously used the same 10 x 8 Backlit TRIGA display for previous shows. For this upcoming show in 2018, they had a 10 x 20 booth space and wanted to use both of the 10ft backlit displays side-by-side.

The first step that I took was to pull out their original build list. This helps me identify what size and shape TRIGA display they already had. From there I generated the template that was used before so that Gulf Electroquip would be able to have the exact template as before. This customer wanted maximum visibility in their booth space and so it was important to make this display backlit. We use the special backlit fabric that has a coating so that when LED lights are turned on, the graphics really pop! The LED lights remain fastened onto the TRIGA channel bars since they are riveted in place. Using the patented TRIGA display system, this backlit display snaps together just like all the other TRIGA products.

As you can see this display turned out nicely and was able to complement their existing setup. The LED lights, transformer and other components are able to fit snug and a hard case with wheels for easy shipping. Any exhibitors who would like to enter into the world of backlit displays will want to take extra steps to secure and protect the lighting modules so there is no surprise when the case is open at the show with possible broken lights. Extra padding is always a bonus to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

Good like at your next show!

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