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Tech-Net had a show coming up with a 10 x 10 booth space and were looking for a company that could not only produce traditional pop-up displays but could also provide graphic design services. We were able to come up with the design based on their criteria for marketing message that would work not only for the show but for some future shows. The graphic design process lasted about two weeks and we pulled from some resources like istockphoto to purchase images in addition to their own graphic design assets to come up with a marketing message and design that fit their company branding.

Tech-Net really liked the appearance of the pop-up exhibits. I showed them a range of different fabric back wall displays but at the end of the day they preferred something that looked a little more substantial and came with a hard case that could be used as a counter. I’ve always considered the Pop-Up Displays (which I call traditional Pop-Up Displays) a precursor to all the tension fabric displays that we see now. But I would say they haven’t completely replaced the traditional pop-ups because there is something uniquely cool about them. Since they are thicker they look more heavy-duty and in a lot of cases, they are more heavy-duty because they use a laminate graphic instead of fabric. This gives it the nice big and sturdy appearance which is still popular today. It is also nice to be able to find something that’s different than the typical exhibits that are so prevalent today.

Another cool feature about the traditional pop-up displays is that they include the hard travel case with wheels that can also be used as a podium. We offer an additional upgrade to produce a podium graphic so you can add branding to the counter. You can see from the picture this gives a complete booth set up that is very portable. Each tradeshow pop-up displays also includes LED front lights. These lights are actually stored in the lid of the hard case in a foam cushion. When the lights are turned on and the graphics are up it’s hard to beat this type of exhibit especially for a 10 x 10 booth space both visually & economically.

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