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The time has finally arrived where the reduction in cost combined with the increase in technology has made digital signage possible for a large market segment. We now have practical digital signage solutions that perform amazingly well and don’t bust your budget. The Blade Digital Kiosk has seen widespread success with it’s brilliant display resolution and interactive features. Here are some details about what makes the Blade Digital Kiosk a hit.

Blade Digital Kiosk Features

The Blade Kiosk is LOADED with features. From screen resolution to size options, your investment will begin to repay you right from the beginning. Here are a few of the features & options that are available:

  • Different Screen Sizes (32″, 40″, 50″ 58″)
  • 4K Screen Resolution for Maximum Visual Impact
  • Touch Screen & Non-Touch Screen Options
  • Available in Black or White Color
  • Remote Control
  • Lockable Rear Media Compartment
  • Lithium Ion Rear Battery Pack

These are just some of the Blade options that make it a multi-dimensional digital display that you can use for Trade Shows, Retail locations, Shopping Centers, Airports, Restaurants or anywhere else (indoor only of course!). This truly interactive digital kiosk means your customers can experience your brand like never before. Even create different Blade Kiosk configurations like below and turn yours into a tower with a monitor on each side.

Next we’ll take a look at the different software that can be used:

Blade Operating Systems and Software

Each Blade Digital Kiosk comes with everything you need BUT the operating system. Have no fear! You can use either a Pocket PC (Windows) or add an Android board to run Google Apps. I recommend the Pocket PC since you can purchase it separate and it simply connects to the back side of the kiosk to begin running Windows immediately.

Once Windows is installed, select from different presentation options depending on your needs. If a simple slideshow or presentation will do, then you may want to consider Microsoft Power Point. For a more robust integrated digital interface like creating a menu, interactive kiosk or media player, check out Intuiface or NoviSign that can run off of windows. Connect to the internet for working in the cloud and accessing data or social media.

Blade Digital Kiosk Optional Add-Ons

The Blade Add-On options are my favorite part. This is like ‘build-your-own-kiosk’ time. Chose from several of the options you see below including:

Other additional add-ons include a range of shelving options which are a great way to turbocharge your kiosk and add printed brochures, signup forms, or simply a place to charge smart phones or tablets. Add one, two or more shelves to customize your needs.

Additional Blade Digital Signage Information

Now that we have covered most of the features, add-on options and software here are some other information that can help you during your buying decision.

Blade Hard Travel Case with Wheels

If you’ve taken the step towards getting an interactive digital kiosk, the first thing is protecting your investment. Each Blade Kiosk comes standard with a fully fitted Hard Travel Case with Wheels for safe and convenient transport and storage during non-use.

Warranty on Digital Signage

The second part of protection is the 1 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer defect. This doesn’t protect against physical damage during use or shipping, but if there is a manufacturer defect in the electronics of your display, we will cover under warranty for 1 Year.

Turnaround Time for Shipping

Depending on stock, we can ship a Blade Digital Kiosk the next business day.

For out-of-stock models and sizes, please allow for 6-8 weeks before shipping since quantities can be limited. Always make sure to send us a message to determine if we have your size, type (touch vs non-touch) or color in stock.

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