How to Make Your Trade Show Hanging Sign Rotate

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A hanging sign above your booth at your next trade show can be just the kind of signage needed to draw extra attention to your exhibition space. Signage that is large always catches the eye, especially at potentially crowded events such as trade shows. However, adding the height element to this kind of signage can ensure that attendees will be able to notice your booth from all around the convention center floor. While these two elements combined can indeed make for excellent marketing opportunities, it does fail to incorporate an aspect that is known to grab people’s attention, or at the very least their eyes: movement. We experience this kind of attention grabbing every day, where we see some movement out of the corner of our eye and immediately turn to inspect the commotion. With a hanging sign motor, you can now harness this instinct within all of us and have your sign spin and rotate to put you one crucial step ahead of other hanging signs at your next trade show.

Advantages to Having Your Hanging Sign Rotate

As previously mentioned, having a hanging sign move and rotate instead of merely being stationary has a variety of benefits that go along with the added cost and effort of getting the sign to move in the first place. The foremost reason is that movement captures people’s’ attention. This has been seen time and time again, as people are more often to either glance or even thoroughly read and examine the moving object in question. Having your hanging sign evoke such an active response while they are at your trade show can ensure that no matter what, the attendees in question will be seeing your signage.

Trade shows can crowded. It can be seen as a battlefield where exhibitors are fighting tooth and nail for the attention of the exhibition’s attendees, and your signage is your arsenal at your disposal. Adding movement to your marketing weaponry can give your side a drastic upgrade in this battle. Among all of the lights, noises, and overall cacophony on the trade show floor, standing out from the rest of your exhibitor kin and bringing the most people to your booth is an excellent step to victory. Adding an element as simple as having your trade show hanging sign rotate can aid in that fight.

Given the aforementioned chaos that can occur at trade shows, as well as the sometimes overwhelming number of patrons and exhibitors, it can prove to be a bit of a task to find a booth you are genuinely interested in. Many trade show exhibitors may be displaying hanging signs in order to help in alleviating this burden, but with the inclusion of movement to your hanging sign, attendees can spot your signage that much quicker and make a beeline to your booth instead of potentially being coerced into a competitor’s. Overall, movement as an additional element to your signage can prove to be highly successful in getting the attention your company or brand’s booth deserves.

Types of Motors

Once you decide that adding movement to your trade show hanging sign is the right call for you, the next task is to decide what kind of motor to purchase in order for this movement to occur. The two questions to ask yourself when shopping for this kind of motor would be “how large is my hanging sign” and “are there any other electrical components for my booth”. For the first of these two questions, it is important to note the types of motors available so as to ensure that it will work in conjunction with your specific sign. The motors available are optimal for hanging signs with diameters ranging from 10 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet, and larrger than 15 feet. Once the type of motor is determined by your particular sign, it is time to address the second question. Motors for hanging signs can come with a built in outlet or without one. The motors with outlets built in are excellent for plugging in extra lights or other devices that will require a power source. Using these outlets in conjunction with the rotating sign can be interested, but it is important to know before hand if you truly require the extra outlet, since the difference between a motor with and without outlets can range between $150 and $300.

To Wrap it Up

Once all of the preparations are made regarding the motor for your trade show hanging sign, there are only a few more steps and tips to make your vision a reality. It is vital to make sure your sign matches with the motor in terms of diameter. Otherwise, the motor may not have enough power to move the sign at a solid RPM. In addition, consider purchasing a rounded hanging sign to pair with the motor. While rectangular signs work, the rounded ones have a nicer visual appeal when in motion. Finally, when it comes time to make those last preparations for setting up the booth, set a reminder to order labor to rig the sign at the show. In addition, ordering electricity to power the motor as well as any additional items that could potentially be plugged into the motor are a must. Ordering electricity ahead of time can save you money if done a good amount of time in advance. If you have any further questions about trade show hanging signs, rotating motors, or wish to pull the trigger and order these supplies for your next trade show, feel free to reach out to us at 866-398-5938.

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