WaveLine Series B 20x20ft Exhibit Kit 01

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Building a large 20×20 or bigger trade show booth often comes with high costs, but it doesn’t have to. For exhibiting companies facing this challenge, we offer a solution that balances cost-effectiveness with exceptional design. Our WaveLine displays provide an affordable yet stunning booth for your 20×20 space, designed to be portable, modular, shippable, and storable. These displays feature lightweight aluminum frames and high-quality fabric graphics, making assembly and disassembly effortless. You can tailor the design, layout, and accessories to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your booth reflects your brand perfectly.

Our custom 20×20 WaveLine booths are designed not only to captivate and attract more visitors but also to generate leads effectively. They offer significant savings on shipping and storage, fitting compactly into cases that are easy to carry or ship. The booth kit for a 20×20 space includes (2) WaveLine Panel G with Double-Sided Graphics, (2) WaveLine Panel E with Double-Sided Graphics, and (3) WaveLine Panel D with Single-Sided Graphics, among other components. The kit also features a T Mount Monitor Mount, perfect for adding a TV monitor, and three CA600 Hard Travel Cases with custom graphics for ultimate portability. These versatile panels can be adapted for smaller booth sizes like 10X10 or 10X20, with both single-sided and double-sided graphic options available. This flexibility ensures that no matter the size of your booth space, WaveLine Media Panels can be configured to meet your needs, making them an all-in-one solution for exhibitors looking for a portable, modular, and professional exhibit.

Whats included in this package

(2) WaveLine Panel G- Double Sided Graphic
(2) WaveLine Panel E- Double Sided Graphic
(3) WaveLine Panel D- Single Sided Graphic
(1) T Mount Monitor Mount
(3) CA600 Case
(2) CA600 Graphic
(5) Circular Double Round Foot
(10) 90 degree corner connecting clamp

Additional Specifications

Set Up Time (Minutes)45
Rush Optionno
Weight (lbs)165
Display Width (in)240
Display Depth (in)240
Display Height (in)89
Ship From Location (FOB)FL
Shipping Length (in)
Shipping Width (in)
Shipping Height (in)

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