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Being consistent when it comes to your tradeshow booth’s branding and functionality is key to making a lasting impression. That’s where the Panoramic H-Line Exhibit System comes in – a game-changer for exhibitors looking for a versatile and efficient display solution. This system is designed to assemble quickly, saving you precious time and effort compared to other systems.

10x10 to 10x20 Panoramic H-Line System

Versatility and Growth with the Panoramic H-Line

The beauty of the Panoramic H-Line lies in its adaptability. You can interchange panels, add new ones, or remove others as your needs evolve. This flexibility means the Panoramic H-Line can grow alongside your company and adapt to different booth spaces. Whether you’re starting with a 10X10′ space or expanding to larger areas, this system scales with your business.

10X10′ and 10X20′ Configurations: A Complete Solution

For a 10X10′ booth space, the configuration includes an entire frame system with shelving and backlit walls, full-color fabric printing, a counter, top header, TV monitor mount, single-sided printing side wall panels, a small storage room with a locking door, and a wooden crate for transportation.

Panoramic H-Line 10X10 Config C
Panoramic H-Line 10X10 Config C

The 10X20′ Panoramic-H All-In-One is perfect for inline or corner booth spaces requiring shelving, storage, and branded inside side walls. This kit, too, is fully customizable and adheres to most trade show site line height restrictions.

Panoramic H-Line 10X20 Config B
Panoramic H-Line 10X20 Config B

Budget-Friendly Options

We understand the importance of budget management in trade show planning. That’s why we offer rental options at $9,955, where you own the printed graphics but rent the hardware. For those looking to purchase, the complete package including all hardware and printed graphics is available at $22,506. This investment ensures that you have a top-quality, visually stunning exhibit ready for any show.

Panoramic H-Line 10X20 Config C

Conclusion: A Smart Investment for Exhibitors

Investing in the Panoramic H-Line Exhibit System means investing in the future of your trade show experiences. With its ease of setup, versatility, and consistent branding, it’s an invaluable tool for any exhibitor looking to make a strong impact in the competitive trade show environment. Prepare to stand out and captivate your audience with the Panoramic H-Line Exhibit System.

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