Backlit Trade Show Tower Buyer’s Guide for 2020

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Backlit displays have taken over the trade show industry, and they’re here to stay.

Backlit towers offer better visibility and brighter colors than their non-backlit counterparts.

And in 2020, there are even more backlit tower options than ever before and in many cases, they’re even less expensive than non-backlit options!

Let’s take a look at the top-performing backlit trade show towers that can fill your booth space with backlit goodness.

Portable Backlit Trade Show Towers

WaveLight Inflatable Backlit Towers

The WaveLight Inflatable Backlit Towers have been extremely popular and are actually one of our most portable options too.

These backlit trade show towers inflate in minutes using an electric pump that fills the internal, durable bladder with air.

All you have to do is inflate it from the bottom port, tilt it up to its standing position, and then plug it in for a 360 degree backlit tower feature for your event. The graphics come pre-installed on these displays, so no more worrying about installing the graphics on the display.

They’re available in round or square-shaped towers and range in height from 59”, 90”, and 126” tall.

Highly portable and transportable, your team will love you for the simplicity in design and setup.


Price Range $666 to $877


  • Extremely Portable
  • Very affordable
  • Fully Backlit
  • Can run off of a battery pack or standard outlet


  • Doesn’t go as tall as some other towers

WaveLight Backlit Airwall

The WaveLight Backlit Airwall actually functions more like a tower than a wall.

Like the WaveLight Inflatable Tower, these displays are inflated using the 500W electric pump.

It measures 39.4” Wide x 11.82” Deep x 90.56” Tall so this is a great option if you are looking for a smaller, but bright and impactful tower message.

Did we mention that it’s also very compact and portable?


Price: $622


  • Extremely Portable
  • Very affordable
  • Fully Backlit
  • Can run off of a battery pack or standard outlet
  • Full walk-around graphics


  • Shortest option out of all of them
  • Only one size available

WaveLight Casonara SEG Towers

 By now you must be thinking “What’s with all the WaveLight Towers?!” The innovations that have come out of one of our suppliers, Makitso, have been really cool with these new and improved tower options.

The WaveLight Casonara SEG Towers are the most recent addition to the product line and just in time for 2020.

These displays use the same SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frame system as the Casonara Backlit Walls and Counters.

Pictured: a WaveLight backwall’s LED ladder light setup

The backlights in these displays use LED “Ladder Light” arrays that are suspended in the middle of each tower and plug into a transformer for a beautiful backlit branded tower exhibit.

Included with these displays are the CA700 Hard Case-to-Counters with a standard black fabric wrap (or you can add a printed fabric graphic)

These displays are currently available in square 8’ or 10’ tall options.


Price Range: $2,078 to $2,450


  • New Backlit Tower
  • Includes Hard Travel Case with Wheels
  • Ultra bright backlit option
  • Full walk-around graphics


  • Just 2 heights available (8’ and 10’)
  • Some tool-less assembly is required

Modular Backlit Trade Show Towers

Custom Backlit SEG Towers

Last, but not least, is the best backlit trade show tower option to go BIG!

Custom Backlit SEG Towers can be built to your specifications and can go as tall as 16’.

The options are truly limitless and can be custom designed to your specific needs

Create walk-in storage or changing rooms by adding a door to one side of the tower.

The frames on these displays are aluminum and utilize the SEG system which is as modular as they get and can be assembled using only a hand tool.

These custom SEG Backlit Towers also use the same LED Ladder Lights found in the WaveLight displays and are suspended from a crossbar/beam at the very top of the tower.


Price Range: $2,622 to $8,859+


  • Fully Custom Spec Backlit Towers (options are endless)
  • Sizes range from 6’ tall to 16’ tall
  • Unlimited width
  • Full vibrant LED Ladder Lights with Transformers
  • Customize with a walk-in door for internal storage space or as a meeting room.


  • Higher Price Point
  • Some tool-less assembly is required
  • Depending on the size of the tower, you may want to ship on a pallet (not a ‘con’ for some, but still worth mentioning)


Finding the perfect tower option is an important process.

Making sure it checks off all of your needs will help you get not only a beautiful branded backlit tower but also to have the functionality to transport and set it up.

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