New for 2024! BrightLine Backlit Exhibit System

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The world of trade show exhibits is about to get brighter and more versatile with our latest offerings: the BrightLine and StraightLine Exhibit Systems. These systems are revolutionizing how exhibitors think about booth design, merging the attraction of backlit displays with the classic appeal of non-backlit panels.

BrightLine: The Essence of Illumination

When you think of “BrightLine,” envision backlit panels that transform your booth into a beacon of light. These panels are designed to capture the attention of attendees from afar, illuminating your branding and messaging with a vibrant glow.

StraightLine: The Classic Non-Backlit Appeal

On the other side, “StraightLine” stands for non-backlit panels, offering a sleek and professional look for your exhibit. These panels provide a grounded and sophisticated backdrop, perfect for highlighting your products or services without the additional illumination.

BrightLine Walkaround Video

A Symphony of Light and Structure

The true beauty of these systems lies in their ability to be used together. By combining BrightLine and StraightLine, you can create stunning configurations that offer limitless features. Whether you need a dazzling backlit section to draw attention or a more subdued area for detailed discussions, these systems have you covered.

BrightLine Packages
Brightline and StraightLine Packages

Customization and Ease of Use

Both the BrightLine and StraightLine systems are tool-free and modular, allowing you to mix and match backlit and non-backlit panels effortlessly. They feature vibrant full-color SEG fabric graphics, available for single or double-sided printing. The assembly process is straightforward, especially with the plug-and-play LED lights, making setup and teardown a breeze. Plus, easy transport is guaranteed with hard cases on wheels, enabling you to ship your booth via UPS or FedEx conveniently.

Brightline Features
Brightline Features

Expand Your Booth’s Capabilities with Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your exhibit further with optional add-ons:

  • TV mounts, compatible with both backlit and non-backlit panels.
  • Product shelving, which can be added to either type of panel.
  • Matching counters, including a backlit BrightLine counter with double-sided printing, adding an extra layer of brand exposure.

Each component of these systems packs down into hard travel cases with wheels, streamlining the shipping process.

CA800 Case

The BrightLine and StraightLine Exhibit Systems offer an innovative approach to booth design, blending the best of backlit and non-backlit worlds. They provide exhibitors with the flexibility, ease, and aesthetic appeal needed to stand out at trade shows. For pricing and information, click here. Get ready to dazzle and engage like never before with these new systems in 2024!

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