Backlit Trade Show Exhibit Purchase Guide

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Backlit displays have taken the tradeshow floor by storm and have certainly found their place on it too. These illuminated displays have really won over our customers with the bright, rich, eye-catching colors that these displays are able to provide.

And, of course, the main reason that our customers really like these displays is the attention that they create on the show floor and the ability to attract and welcome the trade show attendees into their booth.

Today, backlit trade show displays are available in a wide variety of display types – all of them! You can find backlit walls, towers, counters, and even full backlit exhibit packages.

Determine Your Backlit Exhibit Needs

Since there’s so many different backlit display options available, you’ll need to first figure out what exactly you want to do with your booth design.

Are you looking to add a single backlit display to your booth?

Or maybe completely fill out your space with backlit goodness?

Whatever the case, knowing what you want out of your booth should be addressed before and while looking at your display options.

(we can even help you out with your booth’s design)

 You’ll want to know the needs and goals of the show and how that translates/relates to the rest of your booth. If you’re looking to push a new product line, you’ll probably want to be looking at merchandising compatible displays rather than flat back walls.

Maybe you want a header above your booth or a meeting/lounge space?

Whatever your needs and goals are for the show you’ll want to remember one important thing if you pick up a backlit display.


Make sure that you order electricity for your booth space because without it your booth will be cold and dark.

Different Types of Backlit Exhibits

After you’ve figured out what your show needs and goals are, you’ll want to start narrowing down your booth setup.

The main two classifications in the backlit category will be portable and modular.

That’s not to say that you can’t have both, but its just the two main categories in this area of displays.

Portable displays tend to be very thin, lightweight, and designed to be taken with you to shows, but they also have a particular look that you’ll want to be sure you’re comfortable with.

Modular displays tend to be a lot thicker and heavier than portable displays which means you should take into consideration the transportation and freight-related costs when you go to your shows.

However, they are typically more bedazzling than portable displays.

Portable Backlit Exhibits

Portable displays are typically smaller/thinner and more lightweight than their thicker counterpart which makes them a great travel display by design.

Wavelight Ultra Thin Profile Frame

These displays come standard with either a soft travel case, CA500, CA700, CA900, or a combination of both. IE soft, padded travel case for the lights and a hard travel case/counter for the main display pieces.

WaveLight Backwalls

WaveLight Towers

WaveLight Counters

WaveLight Full Booth Packages

Inflatable Backlit Displays

Lumiere Backwalls

Lumiere Bridges

Backlit Hop Up Displays

Modular Backlit Exhibits

These displays sport a thicker/deeper appearance than the thinner portable displays, but also provide the biggest impact and “wow” factor.

One thing to note is that with these kinds of thicker/deeper displays, you’ll have to spend a little more time on assembly and might need some light tools to assemble them as well.

Lumiere light wall frame

They’re also, typically, heavier to ship, but, again, make up for it in the backlighting that they provide.

SEG Backlit Displays


WaveLight Infinity

Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy

Before buying your first and/or next backlit display, you’ll want to have a good understanding of the following so that you can find the best backlit display for your needs and goals:

How much power will be required in my booth?

Do you have setup instructions or set up videos you can send?

What’s the setup time for these displays and how many people do I need for the setup?

Do I need any tools for the displays?

What is the warrant on the exhibit system and, specifically, on the lighting system?

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, you’ll want to know what your needs and goals are for your next show, your booth design, and how each display addresses those questions (modular vs portable).

Hopefully, this article helps assist you in your journey as you transition from the dark, cold, old world of non-backlit displays into the new, bright, world of color and light.

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