Portable Pop-up Bar Cart

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The new Portable Bar Cart is definitely one of the more interesting additions to our site that we’ve been really appreciating and liking more and more.

This display is designed to be used outdoors in configurations such as a bar cart (duh), hydration station in a race or event, a portable sampling station, or whatever other creation you whip up!

This display unit, either the large (40″ wide) or the small (24″ wide), comes pre-assembled from our warehouse to have one of the easiest assembly processes as possible.

Portable Bar Cart Features

With the collapsible/pop-up frame system, the assembly process for the portable bar cart is dead simple.

After removing the unit from its shipping case, you simply raise/extend the unit and lock the legs into place.

Then, you attach all the Velcro backed graphics to the display by simply pressing them on to their respective spots.

At this stage, if you also ordered the overhead banner for this display, you’ll unscrew a screw on either side of the tabletop and attach the overhead banner poles and, finally, slipping over the banner graphic for the overhead banner.

This display is available in two popular sizes: 24” wide and 40” wide and both feature the expanding/collapsible frame system which assembles in the same way.

This expanding/collapsible or “pop-up” frame system lets the setup process on these displays be as easy as they are, but it also allows for extremely simple and compact storage and transportation of the display as it uses the display’s casters to turn the fabric carrying case into a rolling travel case.

And, at 28lbs for the 40” bar cart and 20lbs for the 24” bar cart, these displays are very manageable in their supplied cases when traveling.

The displays also come packed with storage compartments in the rear of the display and feature a zip-up-doorway and a mid-height shelf. The large, 40” wide version includes 4 shelves and the smaller, 24” wide version includes 2 shelves.

Additionally, the display comes standard with a hard countertop to ensure a sturdy, stable display for whatever your intended use is for this display.

Mentioned before, you can add an overhead banner to the bar cart for increased visibility at events.

Portable Bar Cart Benefits

The rich features of this portable bar cart directly translate into some great benefits, some of which were listed here before.

This display was designed to be travelled with easily and its whole construction displays that. From the pop-up nature of the display to the travel case that uses the display’s own casters as wheels.

You can display a fully branded to any event that you go to. This includes events outside of the traditional trade show such as bike races, triathlons, 5ks, outdoor gatherings, charity events, etc.

And, of course, with the built in internal shelving, you can store drinks and supplies behind a zip-up doorway to keep anyone from helping themselves without permission.

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