SEGO Modular Backlit Displays: A Modern Answer to SEG?

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SEGO modular backlit displays are the new kids on the block in the silicone edge graphics (SEG) neighborhood and quite frankly, we’re really happy to see the changes that come with it.

The SEGO display system takes all the feedback from our customers on the tried and true SEG display line and creates a beautifully designed and improved SEG display system.

These changes include sturdy, stable, and tucked in feet that allow for walls to be placed side-by-side with little to no visible break between the displays.

All these changes and improvements allow you to use the SEGO Modular Backlit Displays as an ultimate backlit graphic presentation.

SEGO Frame System Features

The SEG frame system has been around for quite a while now, however, the SEGO frame system has taken the SEG system and heavily improved upon it.

This newly redesigned frame system really stands above the rest in terms of performance as well as cost.

One new improvement is the newly formulated dye-sublimated fabric specifically designed for backlit displays which means that your backlit display’s colors will be more brilliant than ever.

In terms of setting up the display itself, it’s never been easier to do so with an SEG style display.

Traditionally, you’d need Allen wrenches or screwdrivers in order to assemble an SEG display.

With the SEGO display, you’re able to completely assemble the display without the use of any tool AKA a toolless display.

In addition to the toolless design, the magnetic electrical connectors for the LED lights come pre-installed on the frame pieces meaning you can just unpack the lights and snap them into place.

All of these design considerations allow you to create a virtually seamless set up when you place two or more displays next to each other.

This display has been thought about even down to the optional hard case which features cutout foam to ensure a snug, secure fit for your display components while in transit.

“But how does this compare to its predecessor in terms of price?”

Believe it or not, the SEGO product line is actually cheaper than the old SEG product line. Some of the displays are even half the cost of the old SEG system.

How Does SEGO Compare to Other SEG Frame Systems?

  • SEGO is quicker to set up than its competitors’ thanks to its toolless design.
  • You never have to worry about missing, overtightened, or stripped screws or bolts.
  • Inlayed LED Lights and some fancy lenses prevent ‘hot spots’ or the ‘shadow effect’ on the display’s fabric.
  • The display’s feet are tucked in which allow multiple displays to be placed next to each other creating an almost seamless design with no gaps.

The SEGO display system is the direct successor of our already popular SEG Display Exhibit line with key quality of life and design improvements.

Simplify your booth setup process and cut the time out of the whole process too by going with this toolless SEG design.

And, you can take advantage of the modular design of the SEGO system by piecing together your booth set up over time. Buy a 10ft wall now for a smaller space and when you expand into a different booth size or you just want to switch things up a bit you can buy new graphics or a new display – without having to get a completely new set up.

If you’ve been holding out on an SEG display system because of the price, you can definitely take advantage of the improvements on this system as well as the cost savings associated with this new system!

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