Backlit Graphics + Product Shelving for your 10X10′ Booth Space

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For Exhibitors looking for the ultimate shelving and display that achieves both style and functionality in their 10X10′ booth space – the WaveLight + WaveLine Waterfall Shelving Combo! With limited space in mind, this portable booth seamlessly combines eye-catching backlit graphics with practical product shelving, making it a standout choice for showcasing your brand and products at trade shows.

Exhibitors often face the challenge of finding a suitable shelving option for compact booth spaces. Our WaveLight Backlit Wall + WaveLine Waterfall Shelving Combo is precisely designed to address this pain point. The booth layout centers around a 3ft WaveLight Backlit Wall, flanked by two WaveLine Panel D walls with single-sided printing on the left and right sides. This striking combination creates an attractive backdrop to captivate your audience.

Features Backlit Center Panel

The real star of this configuration lies in the two Waterfall Shelving Units on either side of the center backlit graphic wall. Each shelving unit boasts three adjustable frosted acrylic shelves, providing an ideal platform for showcasing your products in an elegant and organized manner. The shelving frames also feature custom printing, further elevating your brand presentation.

The center panel, entirely backlit, ensures maximum visibility and highlights your company’s custom branding. Your message will shine bright and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

WaveLight WaveLine Waterfall light scene gif

Achieving complete cohesion, all components of this booth connect seamlessly. The custom printed WaveLight and WaveLine panels share the same feet, offering enhanced stability throughout the exhibition.

When it’s time to pack up, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the two CA700 Case-to-Counter units. Not only do they securely store all booth elements, but they can also be transformed into portable counters by adding custom printed graphics (one included in the package). This versatility allows you to create an engaging point of interaction with potential customers.

wavelight waveline waterfall dark  scene shelving
Closer look of shelving unit

Moreover, the Waterfall Shelving comes with its own custom fabric graphics, ensuring that every aspect of your booth is tailored to your brand’s visual identity.

Embrace this compact, yet powerful, trade show booth solution that packs down effortlessly into hard cases for easy transportation and storage. Experience the convenience of shipping via standard UPS or FedEx, eliminating the need for freight arrangements.

wavelight waveline waterfall light scene with tv_T
Overhead view

With the WaveLight + WaveLine Waterfall Shelving Combo, you can confidently conquer your next trade show, impressing visitors with a harmonious blend of cutting-edge backlit graphics and functional product display. Maximize your impact and elevate your brand presence like never before!

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