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For the most well-thought-out, fully modular exhibit system on the market — in my humble opinion — consider the Panoramic-H Line exhibit system. I’ve always told customers and industry associates alike that if we launched a series of trade shows that our company would exhibit at, our go-to would be the Panoramic-H line displays.


Well, let’s start off with what makes the system different from other exhibit systems on the market. However, before I get into that, one small disclaimer. These usually ship in a crate, so you have to be willing to plan ahead and potentially spend more for sending your Panoramic-H line booth from show to show using LTL Freight and not standard UPS or FedEx Ground.

Now, for what makes this exhibit system so unique and special…

20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit booth
20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit booth

The biggest advantage to the Panoramic-H Line is they ship as complete graphic panels with the SEG Fabric Graphic already attached to the frame. When you open the crate at the show, the panels are numbered and already preassembled and ready to go. This is a huge timesaver and allows for a quick booth setup so you can focus on getting ready for your big show and you aren’t completely tired and worn out from spending all day setting up a business.

Panoramic-H Line Crate for Panels
Panoramic-H Line Crate for Pre-Assembled Panels

It’s also a completely toolless system that connects panel-to-panel using quick connectors. These panels are interchangeable and allow you to reconfigure, redesign, and reuse them for virtually any layout. Change your design for different booth sizes, different needs, or just to mix things up.

Panoramic-H Line – Rent or Own

Panoramic-H Line Booth Rentals
Panoramic-H Line Booth rentals

Want to try before you buy? No problem. The Panoramic-H Line exhibits are available for purchase or as rentals. We can design your booth using the 3D software to spec and even use your own artwork to add to the 3D renderings, so you can see how it will look before production even begins.

10ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit - Front & Side
10ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit – Front & Side

For rentals, the graphics are still a purchase item — since, obviously, they are custom to you — but the hardware is rented at approximately a third of the cost of purchasing. We arrange for all logistics to and from your show, making it a smooth and pain-free process. Just make sure to give enough time for the planning, production, and shipping phases. Usually 10 to 12 business days for production plus one week for shipping to your destination.

Panoramic-H Line Accessories, Options, and Ideas

20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit Storage Room
20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit Storage Room

As mentioned before, the Panoramic-H Line is my preferred exhibit option. While it may not be for all exhibiting companies due to the crated shipping, it does come with some real advantages that can really take your exhibit experience to the next level.

Here are just a few accessories and options that are available:

  • Wall shelving
  • Counters
  • Towers
  • Backlit options
  • Tv monitors hung on back walls, towers, etc.
  • Archways
  • Storage rooms/changing rooms
  • Headers to make walls 11 feet tall — instead of 8 feet tall
  • Grid wall for product demonstrations

With the Panoramic-H Line exhibits, you are only limited by your imagination. Reconfigure for each show or different booth sizes, it’s totally up to you!

20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit
20ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit

Need to reorder replacement graphics? No problem. Simply submit your artwork and receive your replacement graphics in approximately one week. No need to send back the frames, since they’re guaranteed to fit your existing panels.

Panoramic-H Line Exhibits for Now and the Future

30ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit for Inline Booth
30ft Panoramic-H Line Exhibit for Inline Booth

This ingenious modular trade show exhibit system is a preferred reuse, reduce, and repurpose case. Your frame system will last for years into the future and the SEG Fabric Graphics can be recycled or reused, limiting the environmental impact.

The benefits are great for exhibitors looking to get longevity out of their display systems and use them for a variety of different shows and booth sizes.

Have a booth presence that not only looks amazing and provides functionality but is also environmentally conscious. Let this booth system grow as your company grows and incorporate touch digital kiosks, LED lighting, and more!

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