3 Ways to Attach a TV Monitor to a Back Wall Exhibit

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Many Exhibitors are looking for ways to incorporate a TV monitor into their Exhibit. It’s a great way to play a marketing video or slideshow about your company during a tradeshow or even use for presentations. But it’s not always straightforward as to how to go about implementing a TV in your Exhibit especially if you don’t have a hard wall structure where a TV can be mounted securely. So I’m going to go over the 3 best ways to add a TV monitor when you have a portable or modular exhibit.

#1 Using a Backwall Stand-Off for your TV

Fortunately, exhibitors have a lot of options when it comes to portable display systems that are specifically designed to hold a TV. One of those is the Formulate Master series which has a range of different back walls that offer standoff accents and connectors that actually attach onto the back wall. They standoffs then allow for a TV mount typically for monitors up to 42 inches. There is a limit to how large of a TV monitor can be when using standoffs because while they are secure especially when used with the backwall, it still doesn’t take the place of a solid hardwood structure. The Formulate Master series is certainly a great option for exhibitors who are looking for a portable system while still being able to use a decent sized TV monitor.

#2 Using a Freestanding TV Stand

Another option, and one of my favorites, is to use a special TV stand that is freestanding. Now most people are familiar with one of these and might be thinking I don’t just want a TV stand in my booth I want one mounted on a wall. Well using this type of TV stand, it is actually designed to sit in the back of your back wall display and the TV mount pokes through the fabric on the back wall allowing you to attach the TV on the front. It is a really sturdy way to add a TV monitor all the way up to 65 inches. Our Freestanding Monitor Kiosk actually comes in two different TV mount sizes. The median mount can hold a TV monitor anywhere from 32 to 55 inches. The large TV mount can hold a monitor anywhere from 46 inches to 65 inches. As you can see this is a really great option for exhibitors who have a fabric back wall like the Formulate Master series and want to hold a larger size TV monitor.

#3 Attach a TV Monitor directly to the Backwall

The third and final way that we hold a TV monitor to a portable exhibit that is not a hard wall structure, is to actually build the TV Mount into the backwall frame. This can be done with smaller TV monitors if the backwall has a 2-D footprint. Anything TV larger than 20 or 32 inches, starts to add too much weight to the face of that backwall and can potentially make it unstable. How we account for this to be able to add a larger TV monitor is to either add additional backwall supports(which isn’t ideal because this typically adds to the depth of the booth where space is a premium) or rather adding return walls to the sides of the backwall to give it more of a 3-D footprint. This is a technique we use a lot with the TRIGA Frame System and SEG Frame System.  This 3-D footprint gives the booth some stability even with portable frame systems that allow for a larger size monitor. In this case the TV mount is bolted to extra hardware on the frame in the desired location.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are definitely different ways to add a TV monitor to your tradeshow display. I’m sure as time goes on the technology will improve and TV monitors will become even more lightweight. If you are just starting out and looking for the best way to add a monitor to your existing backwall or to a new backwall it is important to purchase a new TV monitor rather than than one that is old. The new models are much lighter weight than the old plasmas.

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