Adding a TV Display Stand for Trade Show Walls

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If there is one question we get asked the most about using TV Monitors at Trade Shows, it is this: What is the best way to incorporate a TV Monitor in my booth space?

Sure, you can have a tv display stand inside your trade show booth, you can sit a tv monitor on a counter or you can add it to a branded wall or tower. In this post I wanted to make it as specific as possible so I’m going to focus on the most preferred method for adding a TV monitor which is ‘mounting’ it to your branded back wall.

Why is it so dang hard to find a back wall to mount my TV Monitor?

If you’re at home or your office, it’s easy to mount a monitor. You have hard walls and you simply bolt the TV mount to your wall and walla, you’re in business….

Not so at a trade show. You have a defined space (let’s say a 10X10′) and the artificial barrier is typically pipe-and-drape (those gorgeous curtains~ yea right!). So really there is nowhere to mount a TV monitor unless you come equipped with your own TV Stand or you do like what I’m about to show you in 3, 2, 1…

The Best Way to Add a TV Monitor to your Back Wall

Now when I say this is the best way to add a TV monitor to your back wall, I’m not joking. This really is an ingenious solution and it comes with no-drama… meaning it just works.

The trick (not really a trick, but you know) is to combine two elements:

That’s it.

Both are free-standing so you don’t have to rely on the pipe-and-drape or anything else. You just assemble both in your booth (about 35 minutes combined) and the free-standing kiosk sits behind your back wall like this:

Free-Standing TV Stand just behind Trade Show Back Wall
Free-Standing TV Stand just behind Trade Show Back Wall

It has the feet and everything you need for it to be super strong without concern for the back wall tipping over which is what most Exhibitors are worried about. Using this method is stress-free because it’s not using the back wall for anything and we like stress-free. It’s fully supported by the strong free-standing frame with feet that extend out to support the weight. It can hold TV Monitors in size anywhere from 32″ all the way to 70″! That’s a big TV Monitor!

Marking Location where TV Stand arms will go through Back Wall
Marking Location where TV Stand arms will go through Back Wall

The fabric back wall simply sits in front of the free-standing TV Stand and we mark and make special slits in the fabric where the stand arms stick through. Then from the front you attach the TV. It’s as simple as that. Now you can focus your time and energy meeting with attendees at the show knowing it’s not going to tip over and create a scene.

The Back Wall with TV at the Trade Show

Here is a photo of the end result:

55in TV Monitor Successfully Added to Trade Show Back Wall

In this example, the Formulate Back Wall is 8ft wide, but you can go just about any width from 8ft, 10ft, 20ft or larger.

This really is a better mouse trap for adding a TV Monitor in your booth. It used to be we would design back walls with added return walls (like side walls) so it gave it more of a 3D footprint before adding a TV monitor, but this new design makes it much more practical and less expensive.

Hope this helps and send us a message below asking for a quote on this configuration and mention this post to get a special discount.

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