Wavelight Air Wall Displays

Categories: Backlit Trade Show Displays

The portable WaveLight Air Walls are the latest in the inflatable display technology. Not only are they portable and inflatable, but they are also backlit. Bringing about an all in one system to take your trade shows to the next level.

The Airwalls and Air Counters use an inflatable bladder core that has the LED Lighting system built in. Use one of our WaveLight Electric Pumps to inflate this core and then simply attach the graphic to the core. These displays will stay standing and inflated while your show goes on. After the show, you can simply deflate the unit for packaging and shipping.

This backlit portable trade show display is the ideal system for Exhibitors looking to set up fast and look amazing for all booth sizes. With WaveLight Air Walls, kits, and podiums we have all bases covered for a fast and set up friendly exhibit solution.

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