WaveLight 10′ with Waterfall XL Combo Kit A

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Introducing our newest booth marvel, the 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display with Waterfall Shelving – a combination of aesthetics and functionality tailored for exhibitors. This innovative configuration combines our highly acclaimed backlit display with stylish, effective shelving, offering a sophisticated way to showcase your products. The WaveLight display not only enhances your booth’s visual appeal but also addresses common exhibitor challenges.

Ease of setup and transportation is a key feature of the WaveLight display. Constructed from lightweight aluminum frames that effortlessly snap together, it ensures quick assembly. Accompanied by a wheeled hard case that comfortably fits into most cars, it provides convenient portability while safeguarding your investment. The versatility of this display is unmatched – it allows for customization in colors, graphics, and accessories to align perfectly with your brand identity. The adjustable shelves can be tailored to accommodate your product range, making it an ideal choice whether you’re looking to create a standalone display or integrate it into a larger booth setup. Its vibrant graphics make a striking impact, drawing attention from afar, while the shelves encourage closer interaction with your products, fostering memorable connections with potential customers.

Faced with the challenge of making their booths distinctive and alluring, exhibitors find an effective solution in this backlit display with shelving. By creating an appealing and functional space, it showcases products and services in the most flattering light, elevating your booth from ordinary to extraordinary. The 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display kit includes a Waterfall XL Frame System with three Plexiglass Shelves and two CA700 Hard Travel Cases. Enhance your booth further with optional add-ons like the CA700 Case to Counter Graphic, an additional Waterfall XL Frame System for more shelving options, monitor mount, or garment rack, and even consider the expansive 18.5′ Wide WaveLight Backlit Display for larger exhibits. Elevate your trade show experience with this unique and impactful booth solution!

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Whats included in this package

(1) WaveLight 10′ Flat Package
(2) CA700 Hard Case
(1) Waveline Waterfall XL Frame
(2) WaveLight to Waterfall Metal Clip
(3) Waterfall XL Plexiglass Shelf, Clear, 36"W x 12"D

Additional Specifications

Rush Optionno
Weight (lbs)130
Display Width (in)114
Display Depth (in)30
Display Height (in)95
Ship From Location (FOB)TX
Shipping Length (in)28
Shipping Width (in)16
Shipping Height (in)38

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