Using Vehicle Wrap for Trade Show Wall Graphics

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When it comes to the topic of creating exciting back walls for your trade show booth, the conversation can go in a lot of different directions since there are just so many different kinds of back wall displays out there. The list of back wall options is extensive to say the least, and can range from fabric pop-ups to hard paneled back walls. Given this variety, it can sometimes appear to be confusing when the decision needs to be made on how to add graphics to your back wall, specifically the hard paneled ones, to make it look as professional as possible. After all, this monumental-sized display signage is representing your company or brand. While the discussion on the best way to add graphics to hardwall trade show exhibits rages on, a personal favorite is the method of using Controltac Vehicle Wraps to achieve an excellent look.

Adding Vehicle Wrap to a Hard Wall Panel

Using vehicle wraps to add graphics to hard wall panelled display signage may seem like an odd tactic at first glance, but the results are tough to dispute. Coupled with the simplicity of applying these vehicle wraps, and you have yourself a quick and easy solution to your graphical problems. Companies such as 3M and Avery make a great product known as “Controltac”. Controltac is primarily used to wrap vehicles such as cars, boats, vans, and more. While Controltac is made with these kinds of vehicles in mind, that does not mean it can not be utilized for backwalls as we previously discussed. In fact, Controltac can also be used for interior walls as well as hard wall paneling. The caveat to using Controltac is that it should not be applied to hard wood. The wood should have a layer of paint or laminate on top before application of your Controltac wrap. A major positive aspect to using Controltac in this way is it’s removability. After the lifespan of your Controltac Vehicle Wrap comes to a close or you wish to swap out the wrap for a different graphic, it is simple and easy to replace. The microbubble within the product, which gives Controltac it’s name, allow for the wrap to be taken off of the back wall with ease.


Coming up with solutions that can be seen as outside the box can be risky, but often times lead to excellent discoveries and innovations that can make your life or a specifically troubling process that much easier. In this case, utilizing Controltac Vehicle Wraps as a graphical substitute for hard paneled back walls is that discovery. Primarily used for outdoor vehicles, using Controltac Vehicle Wraps for your indoor back walls can serve as quick and easy solution to removable graphics that look great and have a decent lifespan.

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