Notable Differences Between Retractable Banner Stands

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With Retractable Banner Stands most likely being the single most popular kind of display signage on the market today, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your brand or your particular booth space. This issue is only amplified when you see that there are just a wide variety of Retractable Banner Stands with similar options as well as appearances. This begs the question: What makes one Retractable Banner Stand better than another?

This is the question we will answer today. Considering how each Retractable Banner Stand is a solid investment in your display signage showcase, it is important to find the one that is right for you. While there are a few key differences between different kinds of Retractable Banner Stands, we will highlight the ones that could potentially have the biggest impact on your decision making process.

Main Differences Between Retractable Banner Stands

One of the main differences between the various kinds of Retractable Banner Stands is the potential option to change the banner graphic itself. While this is not a universal feature in all Retractable Banner Stands, it is an important to take note of when deciding what kind of Retractable Banner Stand is right for you. Will you be updating your banner graphic often with new information? Will you be making slight modifications to suit your audience as you bring this banner stand from trade show to trade show? If so, then Retractable Banner Stands in the Silver Step Banner Stand series would be the optimal set of banner stands to examine. If you are not concerned with this and would like to have your graphic held in permanently into the hardware of the Retractable Banner Stand, then the Econo Roll Banner Stand series would be a solid choice. While it will be less of a strain on your marketing budget than its Silver Step brethren, you would have to order a whole new Retractable Banner Stand, hardware and all, if you do ultimately decide to update your graphic one day.

Another aspect to examine when looking to purchase a Retractable Banner Stand would be the base. The foundation of your Retractable Banner Stand is crucial, since it is holding up the literal message you are trying to market. Generally, the more heavy duty the base, the longer it will last. Other Retractable Banner Stands may have lighter bases to aid in portability, but with this kind of Retractable Banner Stand you are sacrificing longevity of the base itself for the added portability.

Choosing whether you want your Retractable Banner Stand single or double sided is another decision you will have to make when ordering your new display signage. This answer can often be determined on where within your booth you will be displaying your Retractable Banner Stand. Will it be in a corner facing outward? Will it be next to a counter where customers can go behind it? Many product lines, such as the Silverwing Series, produce both single and double sided banner stands, giving you a unified look no matter which you choose. Using the Silverwing Series as an example, the price difference between the single sided and double sided Retractable Banner Stands is not as steep as you might think, with the difference in price only being around $100 or so. This could make your decision a little bit easier if price is not as large of a factor for you.

Much like the thought process in choosing single or double sided banners, you may be confronted with the choice of a table top banner stand or floor standing banner for your Retractable Banner Stand or stands. The same methodology can be applied to this choice as well. Where is your Retractable Banner Stand going to be, and where will it be seen by customers attending the trade show? Both this choice and the aforementioned one tie into a key aspect in display signage: booth planning. Utilizing your allotted square footage optimally can be vital to your success at your next trade show. Strategic placement of your Retractable Banner Stands can be an important variable in determining your success in this regard. Take note of how foot traffic flows throughout your booth, and adjust your signage to best suit your exhibition needs and desire.


As previously discussed, there are a plethora of options to choose from when deciding what Retractable Banner Stand is right for your trade show marketing needs. With so many variables to consider, this also means that prices and features could be wildly different between you and another trade show exhibitor, and that is totally ok. As long as your Retractable Banner Stand is serving the purpose that you want it to, that is all that matters. If you have any additional questions about Retractable Banner Stands or wish to order yours today, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 866-398-5938.”

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