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In our last blog post, we discussed Table Top Displays. We briefly touched on Printed Table Covers as they fit within this category, but they really do deserve a post of their own. Printed Table Covers seem straightforward but they are actually more complex than you would suspect. This is not a bad thing though, folks! It’s actually a good thing because this means you will have more options when choosing a Table Cover for your next show or event.

There are several things to consider before ordering a Custom Printed Table Cover. We are here to help you sort through the noise so let’s get started on what you need to think about when choosing your next Custom Printed Table Cover:

Table Size

We have listed below the most common table sizes in the events/trade show industry. Your show or event may call for one of these options or even a variety. Whatever the case may be, cover those boring tables with something snazzy! (If your show or event does not supply you with a table, we can help! Drop us a line here (link))

Once you have established the type(s) and style(s) of your table(s), the next step is to consider the look of the Table Cover. Do you want it to be drapey or fitted? In most cases your logo or design may decide this for you, but let’s check out the options here:

Now, to be 3-sided or 4-sided? That is the question!

A 3 –sided cover is great if you plan on sitting behind the table. This type of cover give you the coverage you need while still allowing the ability to store items underneath and grab promotional product giveaways with ease.
If you do not plan on sitting behind the table, then consider the 4-sided option for optimal coverage and marketing ability.

Printing Options

Now, the fun part! The method of printing to ensure that your logo or message looks amazing so you achieve maximum marketing potential.

Here are your options:

Full Color

This type of printing uses a process called “Dye Sublimation.” That’s a fancy term for the scientific process that happens when you smoosh dye into fabric and add heat. What’s cool about this option is your table cover can be totally customized using several different colors. This is, however, the most expensive option.

1 or 2 Color Imprint

This type of printing uses what we call Thermal Imprinting. It’s not as customizable as dye sublimation, but a good option none-the-less. Here’s an example of how this process works: you start off with a stock fabric color — let’s say you choose black. Your logo is red — cool. We take your logo and print it (using heat) onto the black fabric. Voila! Your table cover is finished! It’s not as fancy as “full color” printing, but it will get the job done, no doubt. If your logo needs to be a specific color, this may not be the best option for you. If you’re looking for the most cost effective method, then this style IS for you.

Fabric Care and Cleaning

There will probably come a time when your beautiful Table Cover will meet a spilled drink or will provide respite for grubby little hands. Have no fear, here’s how to care for your Table Cover when life happens:

  • We recommend you spot clean rather than machine wash. Gonzo cleaner is a great option for treating spots.
  • When storing your Table Cover, loosely fold the fabric. It’s important that you don’t place anything heavy on top of the folded table cover.
Optional Add-ons

Lastly, if you’re feeling like you need to turn the notch on your Table Cover up to an 11, consider adding LED lights! Placing lights on the inside of your Table Cover creates a light box effect. Good stuff.
And let’s not forget about travel bags. Boring but a great way to store and protect your Table Cover.

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