Best Trade Show Exhibits to take on an Airplane

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Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to take your trade show exhibit on an airplane as you travel to your next show.

Let’s face it, having the extra peace of mind knowing that it won’t get lost in shipping or at a convention center may sound very attractive.

Under normal circumstances, I would always advise shipping your exhibit assets so you don’t have to lug around extra bags and boxes on top of your personal luggage. However, there may be times when exhibiting at an international trade show that taking it with you makes more sense.

For those instances, I put together a list of recommended displays that meet the criteria of being small enough, light enough, and durable enough to check as luggage on your next flight.

Here are some trade show exhibits you can check on an airplane:

#1 – EZ Tube Displays

A lightweight push-pin tube frame system with a fabric graphic that packs in a reinforced travel bag that has the consistency of luggage.

#2 – EZ Extend Displays

Essentially the same thing as the EZ Tube but with many more width and height options. All are compact and fit neatly in a soft travel bag with wheels.

#3 – Online Only Exhibits

These are our custom-curated portable exhibits that are budget-friendly and super lightweight for a variety of applications, from small events to large national trade shows.

#4 – RPL Fabric Back Walls

These are super lightweight and have a portable accordion-style frame that simply pops up. They are perfect for step and repeat and other branded events. You can even ship them with the graphics attached and frame fully collapsed.

#5 – Retractable Banner Stands

Banner stands are small enough to check on a plane, and in some cases even as carry-on luggage that can fit into the overhead bin—depending on size.

#6 – 5-Pack X-Stands

This is a really affordable and lightweight option that provides branded signage. All while being super portable and easy to transport from your home and on an airplane to a convention city.


Let us know how your experience has been when taking your trade shows on an airline. Would you recommend it or do you find it easier to ship from show to show?

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