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Trade Show Hard Cases may not steal the limelight, but their role is essential in safeguarding exhibits during transit to and from events. They ensure the integrity of the exhibit, protecting it from damages that may occur due to the bumps and bruises of travel. They might lack the glam, but they pack the punch in functionality and utility.


The diversity and adaptability of these cases are worth noting. Some of them, like the Case-to-Counters, are the epitome of versatility, serving dual purposes – they not only act as a robust, hard shell shipping case with wheels but also double up as a Branded Counter at shows. It’s like having the strength and utility of a case and the branding advantage of a counter, all rolled into one.

Range and Variety:
From simple travel bags and hard roto-molded plastic travel cases with wheels to half and full-size wooden crates, the range is extensive. Whether you are looking for cases that fit standard UPS/ FedEx shipping dimensions or those designed for freight, there’s a fit for every need and every exhibit. The assortment ensures that exhibitors can find the perfect match based on exterior or interior dimensions, providing safe and secure storage solutions.

Exhibitors often struggle with finding the right-sized case, which can seamlessly fit into standard shipping or freight, safeguarding the contents within. With a vast array of sizes available, exhibitors can now find the ideal case for every exhibit, mitigating the risk of damage during transit.

The options include:

Case-to-Counters: Serve as a transport hard case and a branded counter during the show.
Hard Travel Cases with Wheels: Available based on interior or exterior dimensions.

Hard Travel Case with Wheels

Soft Travel Bags: Suitable for lighter items.
Freight Cases and Crates: Range from wooden locking crates to cases specifically designed for LTL freight, offering a plethora of choices.

OCF Freight Case

Trade Show Hard Cases may not be the famous in the exhibit world, but their importance is unparalleled. They offer security, versatility, and a plethora of options for exhibitors looking to transport their materials safely. While they might operate behind the scenes, their contribution to the success of a trade show is immense, ensuring that every piece of exhibit arrives in pristine condition, ready to wow the attendees.

Explore our wide range of Trade Show Hard Cases and find the one that suits your needs the best. Safeguard your exhibit with our versatile and durable cases and make every trade show a hassle-free experience!

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