Top 5 Outdoor Displays for Your Next Event

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Ever since Summer officially kicked off last week, I’ve been mentally channeling my inner summer-self. Checking the surf report more often, Googling ‘When is Summer Solstice?’, etc. So as the summer weather shines down and the outdoor gear gets dusted off, I put together the “Top 5 Outdoor Displays for Your Next Event”:

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Summer Outdoor Events are great and make for an enjoyable and more casual interaction with attendees. Here in Bend, OR we have non-stop outdoor events all year long (rain, snow, shine). From Micro Brew Events to Triathlons it’s always fun to participate and have a Sponsor or Vendor booth and be a part of the action. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular displayswe sell for Outdoor Events & Demos:

#1 Canopy Tents

Our Outdoor Portable Tents are the Most Popular display we sell. The Canopy Tent is essentially just like a Trade Show booth except for the Outdoors. It defines your space and provides the all-important shelter from any wind, rain or blistering sun. These can have Back Wall & Side Wall Graphics. Your choice between the Economical 1 or 2 Color Logo Imprint or a Full Color Graphic across the entire Canopy. Our Packages come with everything you need to set up your Outdoor Pop Up Shop within minutes and include the Frame, Canopy Graphic, Rope, Stakes and Travel Bag.

#2 Flag Banners

The next ‘Most Popular’ Outdoor Display we sell are the Flag Banners. These are perfect for the Outdoors and do a great job of getting your name and brand up high in the air for maximum visibility. We have a variety of Shapes from Feather, Teardrop, and Rectangle (Mondo). My personal favorite is the Feather Flag Banner and along with the other options can be printed either Single or Double-Sided. They can have a Spike Base (for grass or dirt) or an X-Base for a hard surface like concrete or indoors.

#3 Inflatables

My next selection goes to the ‘Inflatables’. These are becoming increasingly popular in part because they take up very little room, are super easy to set up and have a big impact. Right now, we have the Inflatable Columns available in Small (55.5″ tall), Medium (95.5″ tall), and Large (117.5″ tall). The pump is also available for purchase.

#4 Zephyr Outdoor Displays

The Zephyr Display is a great all-purpose Outdoor Signage Stand that is designed to not tip over in outdoor conditions. It has a base that can be filled with Sand or Water to make it super sturdy. Also, the Zephyr can be printed either Single-Sided or Double-Sided making it a great visible billboard. The graphics are printed Full Color on Vinyl and are easily replaceable for any future updates you want to make

#5 Promotional Products

I’m going to throw a curve ball here, but I picked #5 for Promotional Products because I have seen it work so well at many of the Events I’ve been to. At Micro Brew Festivals, they give away Bottom Openers, T-Shirts, Koozies, you name it! It creates a big following and actually I’m wearing an Atlas Cider t-shirt right now from a recent event. No matter the Event Type (sports, concerts, festivals, etc), Promotional Products gets your name you quickly to a large group of people.

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