Infinity DNA Backlit & Non-Backlit Exhibits

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While backlit exhibits have become increasingly popular, the Infinity DNA Back Walls (non-backlit) and the Infinity DNA Pro Back Walls (backlit) have answered the call that our customers have been craving.

A super portable and quick to set up exhibit wall.

Also, the Infinity DNA works great for exhibits with multiple booth sizes because when these displays are placed side-by-side, there are virtually no visible seams or gaps between the displays thanks to the tucked in feet.

Thanks to this, you can use these displays in booth spaces ranging from 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and more by simply adding another unit right next to another.

This design is great for different marketing messages and you don’t have to update all the graphics. You could just have one printed for a single display.

 Infinity DNA Back Wall Features

The Infinity DNA Back Walls are available in both non-backlit as well as backlit models (DNA Pro) and come in three widths: 3ft, 4.5ft, and 10ft wide. All options are 94” tall.

Both the backlit and non-backlit options are available in single or double-sided prints.

The SEG Frame and Graphics allow for the display’s sharp, clean edges and the Infinity DNA Pro models (backlit) use edge-lit LED Lights for a clean, uniform backlit experience.

Each of these units come standard with a CA700 Hard Case with Wheels.

All of these options and features allow you to make unique configurations like return/dividing walls, regular ‘ol straight back walls, cascading “stacked” back walls, and more!

Infinity DNA Back Wall Accessories & Parts

You can add custom-branded frame covers to the sides of the displays to add interesting colors such as a gold highlight or a simple black fabric.

As mentioned before, each package kit includes the CA700 Hard Case with Wheels.

Ideal Exhibitor for Infinity DNA Back Walls

Exhibitors that are looking for an exhibit that can be modular and work across multiple booth sizes will love these Infinity DNA Back Walls.

You might have 2 or 3 shows with a 10×10’ booth space, 1 or 2 shows with a 10×20’ booth space, and maybe 1 show that is a 20×20’ island booth space.

Since these displays are single-sided or double-sided and work well side-by-side, this makes it the perfect solution for all of these booth sizes with the added bonus that they can be backlit and make your booth space POP!


With the Infinity DNA Back Walls you’ll be able to mix and match different units to accommodate most booth spaces with a branded, sharp-looking display.

Get these displays as backlit units to draw attention to your booth space with their backlit goodness!

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