Creating the Perfect Table Top Exhibit

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Table Top Displays are an easy way to make an impact at your next trade show or event.
Maybe you’re setting up a pop up shop within a retailer or looking for more of a permanent fixture within a retail store? Maybe you have a product to display or a company to advertise at a college fair? Or maybe you’re looking for a table top display to compliment your already existing trade show booth? Whatever your situation, guaranteed there’s a tabletop display that will help make your product or brand stand out from the crowd!

So, let’s check out the different types of tabletop displays.

Table Covers

If you’ve ever been to a banquet or an event, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that the tables on hand have seen better days. A simple Table Cover can save the day and transform your drab banquet table into a colorful marketing machine. Fully customizable, the table cover is a super simple way to create a foundation for the rest of your display materials and/or display pieces.

6ft Stretch Full-Color Table Cover
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Different Types of Table Top Displays

Now let’s review some options for displays that are perfect for table tops.

Pop Up Displays

What’s great about Pop Up Displays is that they “pop up” like the name suggests, in that they are lightweight and portable. These characteristics make for easy transport and an easy setup.

Xclaim Pyramid Table Top Display System

If you’re looking for a pop up option that is unique, check out the Xclaim Table Top Display series. This display system expands and contracts like an accordion and allows for several images to be used to create one cohesive design.

Other accordion frame systems include the Coyote Table Top Display System and the Big Wave Table Top Display System. What’s unique about these setups is that the laminated vinyl graphics attach to the frame system using magnets. Similar to the Xclaim system, both the Coyote and Big Wave System are easy to transport and set up.

6ft Big Wave Table Top Display System

The HopUp Table Top Display System is another accordion style frame system that, unlike its counterparts, uses tension fabric. So, if fabric (instead of laminated vinyl) is your jam, the HopUp System is a great option for you.


8ft EZ Tube Curved Table Top Display

If you’re not in love with the accordion style frame, let’s examine another frame system that is also super easy to assemble and lightweight: the push pin tube frame. This frame style is used by the EZ Tube Table Top System. Once you have the frame assembled, the graphic slips over the frame like a pillowcase. With the option to print single or double-sided, the EZ Tube is one of our most popular Table Top Systems.

Panel Displays

Panel Displays, like the Voyager Display Series, are cool because you can carry them around like a briefcase. These are a really great option if you like to switch graphics regularly as the graphics affix to the frame with velcro but you’d never guess it! With several sizes and configurations to choose from, the Voyager Display Series makes travel AND set up a breeze.

Voyager Panel Display Package Option

If you dig the panel style but are looking for something a little more robust, check out the Horizon Table Top Display System. Armed with the ability to display literature and brochures (and even small, lightweight products) the Horizon Table Top System is a great option for those who are wanting the features of a large trade show display but in a tabletop format.

Table Top Banner Stands

Let’s not forget the trusty Table Top Banner Stand. This tried and true display option is a simple and inexpensive way to advertise your brand or message. Perfect for the seasoned and novice exhibitor alike, Table Top Banner Stands never fail to get your message or brand seen.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Table Top Display
  1. Portability — Does it come in a travel bag or hard case for added protection?
  2. Versatility — Can you change the message or graphic easily?
  3. Visibility — Is it large enough to attract attention?
  4. Convenient — Can one of your reps set it up with ease?

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