How to Create a Hanging Sign Inside of a Hanging Sign

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Sometimes, the wide variety of templates just are not enough for some. Going full custom when it comes to your trade show display signage is the best way to showcase your specific style and helps accent your brand in a way that, on occasion, traditional display routes just can’t handle.

Not so long ago, we worked to create such signage. A customer was looking to create as 12 foot wide by 4 foot high trade show hanging sign. While this could have been more than large enough to market his booth, there was more to his vision. This customer also wanted a smaller sign inside of the aforementioned sign. We coordinated with the customer and produced a trade show hanging sign with an incredibly distinguishing effect of looking like a box inside of another box. Even though these are technically two separate signs, the singular effect and smart setup of these trade show hanging signs is an excellent example of going custom. In case you were looking for an identical if not similar effect, here is how we achieved this look.

How to Create this Sign Configuration

The first and most important step to creating your “sign within a sign” is to determine the dimensions of the outside, or larger, sign first. This will give you measurements to play within and will set up your guidelines for the whole endeavour. Once these measurements are accounted for, gauge the look you want to go for and find the space around the perimeter for the inner, or smaller, sign to nest in. It is just that simple. In this way, you can create all sorts of geometrical marketing wonders. By making the inner sign shorter or longer, you can market your company or brand in uniquely creative ways. For example, by increasing the height of the inner sign, you can essential make a hanging sign that looks like a three dimensional pipeline, if that image or product is within your company’s wheelhouse. The options to applying this technique are extremely interesting, since it can work not just with rectangular signs, but squares and circles as well. It is important to keep in mind that each of these signs are separate and they do not touch even when rigged. When it comes to the actual rigging process, each sign is rigged utilizing standard cables from the convention center’s ceiling independently.

Other Hanging Banner Tips for This Configuration

Although the process to create a trade show hanging sign within another hanging sign is relatively simple, there are a few more helpful tips to get you started on this project. When mapping out the inner sign, it is important to ensure that the height of the inner sign is tall enough. This is not only to guarantee that the entirety of your message will be visible, but also to give you the flexibility to adjust this sign up or down in order to give your combination hanging signs the look you ultimately desire. On the topic of messages for these signs, consider doing different messages for the outer and inner signs. This can be used either in conjunction with each other or just to maximize the amount of marketing square footage on the individual signs for your brand. For example, the outer sign can have the logo and color scheme of your company while the inner sign can be a specific marketing message or even the division within your company. Between the varying shapes you can achieve with this technique as well as the multitude of messages you can produce, creating a trade show hanging sign within another trade show hanging sign will certainly get people talking about your brand or company at your next exhibition.

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