LED Lights -vs- Halogen with Trade Show Displays

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In this article I’m going to discuss the difference between LED lights versus halogen lights when used with tradeshow displays. While they both serve the purpose of making our tradeshow displays more visible and visually appealing, there have been some changes over the last few years that have really led to a shift (no pun intended!) from halogen lights to LED lights. Let’s take a look at why and what some of the differences are.
Halogen Lights for Exhibits

First and foremost halogen lights have been more prevalent at trade shows in the past than LEDs. LEDs are relatively new as the technology has improved and the price point has come down. It used to be the case that halogen lights were often used for spot and accent lighting for Pop Up Displays, hard wall structures and all kinds of exhibits big and small. There was always one problem, and that is halogen lights get hot to the touch. Convention Centers and Tradeshows alike across the country needed to make sure these lights never created a problem or become a fire hazard. Halogen lights have historically been pretty inexpensive, and much like the light bulbs used in a home or office the ones used for shows were similar. But as the technology improved, it became clear that LED lights were the way to go. They provided not only a cool temperature to avoid hazards, there are also more applications that LED lights are perfect for.

LED Lights for Exhibits

LED lights (stands for Light Emitting Diode) have been around for a number of years as well, but they have become increasingly popular for spot and accent lighting as well as backlighting. It took a little while for the price point to come down on these because LED lights require a transformer to power the units. It just means that there was more involved with an LED set up than with halogens. The other advantage that LED lights have over halogen is that the appearance of the light itself is cooler and calmer than halogen.
Some of the most exciting developments with the LED style lights have come from backlighting a variety of different tradeshow displays. From Back Walls to Towers and Counters, there are some pretty amazing exhibits that can be made. For example, our SEG Frame System can utilize ladder LED lights to create a stunning tradeshow backdrop. In addition, the same LED letter lights can be used for towers where we suspend the ladder lights from the inside of the tower and use a UV backlit fabric so that when the lights turn on it becomes an impressive display. The LED lights can also be used for edge lighting with certain exhibits such as counters.

As you can see the migration to LED lights from halogen has been welcomed by the tradeshow community, and we expect to see many new applications for this type of light system. If you have an opportunity to walk a tradeshow floor lately, chances are you’ve had an opportunity to see these types of lights in action.

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