Trade Show Counter with 3 Locking Doors, Mid-Shelves and Printing

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Introducing our newly available, custom-built Trade Show Counters, designed with exceptional sturdiness and practicality for various trade show applications. These counters are not just a functional piece of your exhibit; they are a versatile and secure solution for your display needs. Whether you need a welcoming reception counter, a dynamic product demo station, or a reliable workstation, these counters are tailored to meet all your trade show requirements.

Available in four standard sizes – 2ft, 4ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft wide – these counters offer ample space and flexibility for any setup. Each size comes equipped with rear locking doors and convenient mid-shelves, enhancing both security and functionality. The 2ft wide counter includes one rear locking door and a mid-shelf, while the 4ft wide option expands to two doors and shelves. For larger needs, the 6.5ft counter provides three doors and shelves, and the 8ft counter offers the maximum with four doors and shelves.

In terms of customization, these counters stand out with full-color printing on the front and sides on a durable 6mm Sintra board. You can choose from five different counter top laminate finishes – white, black, wood, metallic, and granite – to match your brand’s aesthetic. Each counter includes a rear locking door with a key for secure storage, inside mid-shelf(s) for organization, and cable management for a neat and professional appearance. For ease of transport and protection, the 2ft size includes a hard travel case, while the larger sizes – 4ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft – come with a sturdy wooden crate. Elevate your trade show presence with these superbly designed counters, combining style, security, and functionality.

Whats included in this package

Aluminum Extrusion Portable Frame
6mm Black Sintra Panel Graphics with Custom Printing
Counter Top with Select Laminate Finish
(3) Locking Doors with Key
(3) Mid Shelves
Cable Management
Custom Wooden Crate"

Additional Specifications

Rush Optionno
Weight (lbs)
Display Width (in)67
Display Depth (in)23
Display Height (in)39
Shipping Length (in)72
Shipping Width (in)48
Shipping Height (in)12

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