Why are Trade Show Lightboxes Taking Over?

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Trade Show Lightboxes

Chances are that if you’ve been to a trade show recently, the number of Trade Show Lightbox Displays at various booths has been on the rise. These regal-looking displays, while seemingly costly, are popping up everywhere. But why?

For one, the cost of producing this specific kind of signage has dropped in recent years. This cost adjustment has been a key factor for more and more booths to showcase this kind of signage, as both the printing and the lighting that goes with said display has become better and more cost-effective. These displays are a bit on the larger side, but what that truly translates into is that if you have one and your neighbor does not, you effectively purchased a beacon for all to notice your booth over your neighbors. That creates a huge impact especially at larger shows where standing out is key. With how quickly industries adjust to new trends and strategies, it is important to be, at the very least, in line with the curve. Backlit Displays are the hot-ticket item right now.


Benefits of Making Your Next Trade Show Display Backlit

There are quite a few benefits to investing in a backlit display, especially with how technology has enabled the price to go down. On top of the aforementioned price drop, the impact it can give to your booth is almost unprecedented. Having a 10ft Lightbox or 20ft Lightbox lit up with your brand’s information, logo, and various products or services just makes such a statement. While other booths may have smaller signage, your booth will truly make a name for itself by sporting billboard-like signage. In addition, the large surface area of backlit displays means that your graphics will also be huge. People will be seeing your brand from a far away, further increasing interest in your booth as well as boosting awareness about your unique brand. They will potentially be able to see as well as read what your booth is all about from across the convention showfloor, piquing their interest and spurning a desire to come to your booth to learn more.


Easy to Set Up and Dismantle

Backlit displays don’t just aid you externally when dealing with the task of drawing in a crowd, but are also excellent from a set-up point of view. On top of being fairly simple to erect before the show as well as break down after, backlit displays come in a variety of options for you to maximize the efficiency of the signage as well as the square footage of your booth. Besides being used for Back Walls, Backlit Towers can also utilize that forgotten vertical space as well as Counters to make the customer’s experience in conversing with one of your brand’s representative that much more memorable. Finally, you won’t have to worry about sweltering temperatures when in close proximity to these displays, since they all use LED Lights instead of halogen bulbs which can get very hot when on for long periods of time.


Technology behind the Lightbox Display Boom

As mentioned numerous times, one of the primary reasons for backlit displays being more prominent at shows is the price drop, the main cause of which being the exponentially increase in technology which has allowed for lower prices without compromising quality. Prices for LED light strips have drastically dropped over the past decade as technology has enabled their production to cost less, meaning you save money as well. In addition, the printing of UV Backlit Fabric has also been streamlined due to technological upgrades, allowing for a similar price drop to occur. With both of these main components of backlit displays becoming that much easier to produce, the savings are now passed off to you, the consumer. In addition, the pieces used in the construction of these mighty displays have become more compact. Not only does this aid you when assembling and disassembling your backlit displays, but saves you even more money on shipping since the pieces are therefore easier to package and ship.



As you can see, backlit displays have come a long way over the years. Originally reserved for large companies who can truly afford such a luxury, now others can get in on the advertising action. As technology grows and the production of all of these materials decreases, so too will the price drop. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean to wait longer for a lower price. If you see that your competitors are already purchasing backlit towers or tabletops and you have not, that means you’re behind. Catch up with a tower or backlit wall of your own and see the difference it makes as people are drawn to your booth like moths to the flame.

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