The Amazing Versatility of SEG Backwalls

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SEG Backwalls are an excellent addition to any Exhibitor’s booth display strategy. Due to their compatibility with virtually any booth space, SEG Backwalls are only limited in their usage due to your imagination. These walls are truly the most versatile option we sell here, and can easily be customized to fit any and all specific needs you may have.


Great for all Booth Sizes

With the numerous sizes of SEG Backwalls available, these products are basically a must when attending your next trade show. Although titled as “Backwalls”, it can, in theory, be used for whatever wall or divider you may see fit for your unique booth. Use them to create an intimate trade show setting for your patrons by having SEG Backwalls enclose your booth. For a 10X10’ space, this is easily done by utilizing the walls to create nice 90 degree angles, echoing the feel of a brick-and-mortar location. If your space is perhaps larger, like a 10X10’ space, the same effect can be applied as well. Using a pair of 10ft walls as a singular wall can allow you twice the amount of information to be portrayed to your consumers. In addition, due to the aforementioned customizability of the SEG Backwalls, you can get quite creative with the geometry. Want a large backwall that has pertinent information flanked by your brand’s logo? Try a 10’ wall with 5’ walls on either side to create beautiful symmetry. As previously stated, the options are endless when it comes to using SEG Backwalls to your advantage, regardless of the size of your trade show booth.


SEG Walls are Fully Customizable

On top of just using SEG Backwalls as the macro divider for your whole booth, you can actually use them in the micro sense as well. Since almost any size wall is possible to purchase, you can create the feeling of a retail store anywhere by using this product. Walls can be connected with overhangs to create a unique ambiance, while doors can also be paired with SEG Backwalls to create rooms. Use this strategy to create changing rooms, storage areas, or even temporary office space. By purchasing SEG Backwalls, you are investing a product that has uses beyond the convention centers and can ultimately save you money and construction costs to create additional office space and so forth. In this way, SEG Backwalls are useful all year round instead of just for trade show attendance.


Lots of Accessories for SEG Back Walls

In case the vast customization of SEG Backwalls was not enough to get you intrigued, they also can be equipped with a plethora of different accessories to make your space as unique as your brand. Clothing or small product companies can put up shelving to display their items proudly as well as save on much-needed floor space, while electronics vendors can fasten TV mounts to have their booth light up with the glow of numerous screens. When it comes to hanging products like clothing or pre-packed units, slatwalls are another option to consider. If the lighting of the exhibition location is not to your standards, additional lighting can easily be used in conjunction with these versatile walls. Choose from back lighting, which will create a nice gentle glow, or front lighting, which will shine a spotlight on that piece of information or detail you want everyone in attendance to notice. Optional casters ensure that your SEG Backwalls can be moved easily at a moment’s notice, and make setup and tear down that much easier.



With all of the options available for SEG Backwalls, it’s no wonder they are becoming a staple at every trade show. These options, coupled with the vast array of accessories listed above, means that you can have the booth space you have been envisioning for so long. If you have any additional questions, or would like us to aid you in designing a booth that works best for your business and/or your net trade show, please call us at 866-398-5938

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