WaveLine Display Kits for Multiple Booth Sizes

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We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to make the all-new WaveLine Exhibit Kits available.  These completely fresh-new exhibit kit designs are finally available and have been added to our website.  The WaveLine Exhibit Kits have something for everyone, but let me take a step back for a minute and explain what makes these *different* than other options.  Exhibitors commonly have multiple booth sizes for their different shows, but it has always been a challenge to come up with options that will look good across different booth sizes while still keeping the overall branding consistent.  What is so exciting about the WaveLine Media Kits is each design incorporates different size and style graphic panels.  When combined, these individual panels and accessories make up a unique personalized design for 1, 2, 3 or more booth sizes and configurations. 

Creating Your Booth for More Than One Booth Size

The best way to explain this unique functionality is doing an example in real-time.  Let’s say you have three 10X10′ booth sizes this year and one 10X20′ booth size for your largest show at the end of the year.  You decide on one of the many pre-designed configurations (in this example we’ll say the WaveLine Media Package C 10ft Kit 5).  This is a complete package for all your 10X10′ booth sizes with the 2-panels for the back wall, a free-standing banner stand and a Case-to-Counter WaveLine Podium with custom fabric wrap. Here is an image:

WaveLine Media Package C 10ft Kit 5
WaveLine Media Package C 10ft Kit 5

Now, building on this design we need to make this kit work for your 10X20′ booth space. What’s left to add? Well you already have two of the individual panel back walls (one curved at top and one straight). You already have one of the CA900 Case-to-Counter Podiums with Printed Fabric Wrap and maybe you chose not to use the free-standing banner stand. The configuration you are looking to achieve is the WaveLine Media Package J 20ft Kit 3. This has the full 20ft back wall with stand-off shelving and (2) Podiums. Here is an image:

WaveLine Media Package J 20ft Kit 3
WaveLine Media Package J 20ft Kit 3

So here is what is left to complete this configuration:

(1) Additional WaveLine Media Panel A w/ Single-Sided Printing

(1) Additional CA900 Case-to-Counter Podium with Printed Graphic Wrap

(1) Waterfall Stand-Off Shelving Unit

That’s it!

Endless WaveLine Options

Done and Done! You now have two complete Exhibit packages that will work for all your 10X10′ booth and 10X20′ booth needs for literally years to come. Want to re-brand or update your graphics? That is super simple as well. You can simply re-order new graphics for just one or all of your panels or counters. You can even add graphics to the Waterfall Shelving Unit.

This is just one of many different pre-designed configurations to chose from that will accomplish this same multiple booth equation. Don’t see the style you want or just want to invent your own? No problem, this is not only do-able, but we can bring it to life using 3D renderings and can even skin it with your artwork designs.

As you plan your next round of shows, seriously take into consideration the WaveLine Display series and check back for more custom booth package kits in the near future 🙂

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