WaveLight Infinity Backlit Displays

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The WaveLight Backlit Display series is on a roll these days. Like a string of 80’s songs, the hits keep on coming. From the WaveLight Casonara’s to the inflatable backlit towers and counters, the innovation continues with the WaveLight Infinity Displays (coming soon). Newly featured for 2019, this backlit system is sweeeeett! For the first time, there are now backlit panels that connect to each other producing a virtually seamless array of panels. Modular functionality meets backlit in a big way.

WaveLight Infinity Borderless Frame

First and foremost, the biggest advantage of the WaveLight Infinity Displays is the ability to combine panels to make a mural of any size without it showing noticeable seams. This frame system has been designed to attach additional panels in a way that won’t cause shadows or noticeable breaks in your graphics. It uses the SEG (silicone edge graphics) for a snug fit that goes right up to the edge of the frame.

Edge-Lit SEG Infinity SEG Graphics

The SEG Frame has edge LED Lights that connect to the sides of the frame and shine in opposite directions to flood the interior with light producing the coveted lightbox look that is perfect for trade show environments, retail locations, business offices and many other spaces. The LED technology has made leaps and bounds in the last couple years alone and this is another example of a practical solution that will please trade show attendees or in-store retail customers alike.

WaveLight Infinity Backlit Displays are Completely Tool-Less

Skip the need for tools with the fast-connect frame system. Set up a frame in minutes without worrying about loose bolts or screws. Simply snap the corners in place and attach the transformer for a full set up in just minutes.

WaveLight Infinity Plexiglass Shelves

Add plexiglass shelving to the WaveLight Infinity displays. Use them as part of a retail display by positioning in-between two displays like the photo below. Great for makeup kits (think Sephora) or any other product rich environment.

Find the right WaveLight Infinity Display for your Trade Show

With a range of different widths and heights, you can make sure to get the size that fits your space. Chose from a range of options. Mix & match to customize a design to fit your artwork graphics.

Pack 3 WaveLight Infinity Displays into one CA700 Hard Case

Need to take the WaveLight Infity Display on the road (or airport)? No problem, 3 of these will fit in one CA700 Hard Travel Case-to-Counter. Keep your investment protected and make sure it gets to it’s destination in good condition. Keep in the case when not in use to store securely.

Add Frame Finishes to WaveLight Infinity Backlit Displays

Want your display to have extra flair? How about adding optional frame finishes like below to have it blend into it’s surroundings. This is a first-of-it’s kind feature that we are really excited about. This gives it that ‘final touch’ for an extra level of professionalism.

Hope you like these as much as we do. Have questions, send us a message below.

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