Top FAQs for the 10ft Infinity DNA Pro Backlit Wall

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Over the last few years, the Infinity DNA Pro series continues to be one of our best sellers. We’ve sold so many of them we feel it’s worth putting together a short FAQ to help with the setup so your next show goes smoothly.

Here are the top FAQs:

#1 – Making Sure SEG Graphics Get Put on Correctly

Correct vs Incorrect SEG Graphic Install

The 10ft Infinity DNA Pro Back Wall uses a SEG graphic. SEG stands for ‘Silicone Edge Graphic‘. Your Infinity frame has a built-in channel groove. The silicone edge is stitched around the perimeter of the backlit fabric graphic and fits neatly into the channel on your frame.

Correct vs Incorrect SEG Graphic Install Close Up

Many customers make the mistake of putting the wrong side of the silicone in first. This will result in a baggie graphic that is not fitted properly. Make sure the silicone is turned with the graphic inwards before sliding it into the channel. This will keep everything tight and fitted correctly.

#2 – Make Sure the Wires Get Plugged in Correctly

Use the below diagram as a reference if you lose the instructions.

The following illustration shows the bottom connectors plugged in correctly.

DNA Bottom Frame

The following illustration shows the top plug connectors attached correctly.

DNA Top Frame

If, for some reason, they aren’t working, push on the connector plug with additional pressure to make sure they are nice and snug.

#3 – Don’t Use in Europe!

The Infinity DNA Pro kits purchased in the United States are designed for use in the U.S. only.

The transformers and plugs are designed for our electrical system. You may have a connector, but even that will not help in the EU without it burning out the transformer.

You will need EU-specific transformers only. If you’re in need of these, please send us a message.

#4 – Diffuser Caps Falling Off

10ft Infinity DNA Pro Diffuser Cap Falling Off

The Infinity DNA Pro comes with LED Edge Lighting. The edge of the Infinity frames fit nicely into foam inserts. These will help prevent damage during shipping and storage. However, there can be an instance where one of these LED diffusers gets bumped and pops off. These can be glued back on, using Gorilla Glue found on Amazon.

Not to worry, these are just the LED diffuser caps and not the actual LED lights.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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