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Having an option to rent a trade show exhibit will not only save you money but can make things easier since you don’t have to worry about storage & logistics after the show.

During these uncertain times, not having to fully commit to an exhibit allows you, as an exhibitor, to be more nimble and have greater flexibility for your trade show schedule.

Here are some reasons to consider renting instead of buying.

  • Rentals are a fraction of the cost of purchase
  • You occasionally need an exhibit for a larger booth size
  • You don’t have to worry about storage after the show is over
  • It allows you to test before buying
  • You get full-service labor and logistics assistance

If you’re doing half a dozen trade shows in any given year and you typically reserve a 10’ × 20’ booth space—or any size for that matter—than it makes sense and is more economical to purchase an exhibit that you can use for all of your shows.

However, on the other hand, let’s say you have for 10X10’ booth at four different shows but have one show where you plan on having a 10X20’ booth space, then it makes more sense to own your 10X10’ booth exhibit but rent the 10X20’ foot exhibit.

Rentals are great for one-offs. When you just need a quick fix for a particular show but still want a professional look and feel.

How Our Exhibit Rentals Work

Simply put, you rent the hardware but you own the graphics. Since the graphics are custom printed—usually on dye sub fabric—with your branding and designs, you forever own these. This can be cost-effective if you ever rent out the same exhibit again in the future since there is zero cost for the graphics—because you already own them.

For the hardware, these ship out to your shipping address—your show site, advanced shipment warehouse, etc.—and we provide return labels and information for pickup after the show is over.

Make sure to take a full accounting of the hardware before sending it back so that missing parts and pieces can be avoided, as this may incur an additional charge.

Labor and Installation Setup

We wrote a lengthy article called ‘Help Setting Up Your Trade Show Exhibit at the Show‘ about your options for setting up your trade show exhibit, so I’ll make this part brief. However, each rental kit does come with instructions, diagrams, and in some cases video guides for help with setting up.

Rest assured, whether you decide to have your corporate team, show site labor, or private installation and dismantle company set up your trade show rental, they will have the support and documentation needed to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Drayage Costs

Please note that your company will still be responsible for any drayage costs—fee based on the weight of the exhibit charged by the show—since this fee is not included in our services.

Next Step for Rental Exhibits

Great, you’ve decided a rental is the best decision for your next show! Make sure to plan with plenty of time so the process goes as smooth as possible.

Here are the steps.

#1) Finalize your exhibit rental decision based on needs—like shelving, counters, changing room, etc.

#2) Approve the all-in—including graphics purchase, hardware rental, freight costs, and or any applicable taxes.

#3) Determine your booth setup and labor.

#4) We send all pertinent information such as artwork templates, instructions, etc. Once your artwork files are ready to go, you will upload them to us and we will send back proofs for approval.

#5) Now that we have artwork proofs approved, it’s time to convert your quote to a work order. At this point, we collect payment or deposit and production begins. We will handle all logistics to and from the convention center.

That’s it!


Renting your next trade show exhibit should be a convenient and cost-effective way to have a fully branded booth that will maximize your company’s success at your next show.

Our smooth process is designed to take the guesswork out of things and give you a great experience so you can focus on attendees and not your setup.

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