Top 5 10x10ft Trade Show Booth Backdrops for Under $800

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If you’re searching for some printed backdrop options for your next trade show while on a tighter budget, this post is for you.

 In this article, we will cover 5 trade show backdrops that will fit comfortably in your trade show budget and booth space.

Things to note: When we talk about Trade Show Booth Backdrops, we’re referring to those ultra-portable graphic walls to brand your booth space.

With that in mind, we came up with 5 great solutions to choose from that will make your booth look great while not breaking the bank.

The setup time on all of these options is 20 minutes or less and are perfect for standard 10×10’ booth spaces.

#1 – 10ft Trade Show Backdrops for Step and Repeats

Step and repeats are the ultimate branding design.

The RPL Fabric Pop-Ups are a great backdrop for any trade show or event for Step N Repeat designs.

These RPL Fabric Pop Ups set up in under 15 minutes and you can collapse it to ship while leaving the fabric graphic in place.

The 10’ RPL Fabric Pop Up Package is available in our ‘Online Only’ section for $350 and includes printing on front and sides (end caps).

#2 – 10ft Trade Show Pope and Drape Backdrops

We prefer backdrops that include a frame since the graphic it displays is nice and tight without any creases or wrinkles, but for those that need something compact, here are some options:

 A Fabric Booth Backdrop is another solution if you are short on space and need to pack it in your luggage. Fabric folds up nicely, but plan to bring a hand-held steamer to get the creases out.

Here’s an example of a vinyl backdrop used for the top half of a booth’s back wall.

A Vinyl Banner Backdrop can be used especially for the top half of your booth’s back wall. A popular size is 10ft wide by 4ft tall. This can then be rolled up and taken with you.

Here is an image of a vinyl full booth backdrop banner:

Here’s a vinyl backdrop that covers the entire booth back wall.

#3 – Banner Stand Trade Show Walls

Jumbo banner stands are great for step and repeat shows

Jumbo Banner Stands – Also great for Step and Repeats as they have easy to replace graphics, double-sided graphics, and a telescopic pole frame which makes it very portable.

3-Piece Banner Stand Backdrops – The L Stand 3-piece backdrop is a great portable solution that can pack and ship in a hard case.

#4 – Curved Trade Show Backdrops

 Curved Trade Show Backdrops give your booth a fun shape and don’t require feet to stand making them less expensive and lighter to carry.

EZ Tube Displays are a great option for curved trade show backdrops and are available in a concave shape in both 8ft and 10ft wide options.

Their push-pin tube frames simple snaps together and can be set up in minutes.

Make sure to check out the set-up video for EZ Tubes to see how it goes together and can stand on it’s own without feet.

#5 Geometric Backdrop Walls

Last, but not least, are the Geometric shaped style of trade show backdrops.

The brand “Geometrix” is a great option that features plenty of branded graphics that you can update individually or all at once.

These displays are fully collapsible and are about as easy as it gets to set up.

Use the Geometrix type of backdrop for 10x10ft trade show booths or tabletops. You can even add small shelves to display lightweight products!

Other Types of Trade Show Backdrops

If you’ve been to a trade show recently, you’ve probably notices all the backlit displays that people are rocking. They’ve become super popular over the last few years and are now becoming lower-budget friendly.

They’re a bit heavier to ship and require electricity, but those are canceled out by just how nice these displays look in your booth.

Modular Trade Show Backdrops are perfect for exhibitors with more than one booth size. These booth systems allow you to re-configure your walls for use in different sized booth spaces.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you’re going to be using a TV Monitor in your booth. If you are, or think you might, you’ll need to get a display that can support one correctly as there’s actually a lot going on in a trade show display when you add a monitor to it.

 Double-Sided backdrops can be great to display more than one message or for booth areas that have a full 360 degree walk around. Frames that work great for this are the EZ Tube and RPL displays.

We hope this gave you some insight into just a few of the many options that are available, but feel free to ask us a question below if you want some more information!

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