5 New Trends for Trade Show Exhibits in 2024

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2024 is already off to a busy start!

The back-to-back exhibiting momentum post-Covid has not waned at all, and exhibiting companies are looking to get an advantage so they can maximize their trade show ROI.

Here are some exciting developments in booth exhibits that you can deploy at your next show for 2024 and beyond…

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Exhibit Trend #1 – Backlit Exhibits and Video Walls

Pano-LED Video Wall for Trade Shows
Trade Show Video Walls

While impressive portable and modular backlit walls, towers, counters, and more have been around for several years, they’ve been updated and perfected for maximum performance. Now we have full 10 x 10’ Backlit and 10 x 20’ Backlit Exhibit Kits that are a complete and functional booth system that matches and looks amazing.

Video walls are also popular as the cost has come down, and fully integrated software and hardware work in unison to make interactive presentations at scale. These video walls and exhibits are sure to capture the attention of your attendees at your 2024 shows.

Exhibit Trend #2 – Complete Exhibit Kits for All Booth Sizes

Reconfigure your Trade Show Exhibit to Different Booth Sizes
Reconfigure your Trade Show Exhibit to Different Booth Sizes

With the advent of not only modular trade show display systems but the marked improvement of modular systems, exhibiting companies like yours can plan all of your different booth sizes across all of your shows. Whether you have a 10 x 10’, 10 x 20’, 20 x 20’, booth size or beyond, you can predesign the configuration, all while using the same modular frame system.

Brands such as WaveLine, Infinity DNA Pro, Lumiere, and Panoramic-H are just some of the modular systems that allow you to mix and match to meet your ever-changing booth size needs.

Exhibit Trend #3 – Interactive Digital Kiosks

Digital Interactive Kiosks
Digital Interactive Kiosks

The gap between off-line, in person trade shows and the full online world has now been bridged.

At trade shows and conferences across the country, you’ll see interactive digital stands, kiosks, and touchscreen devices, allowing exhibitors and attendees to view products in real-time, place orders, and communicate with people at locations that are, in some cases, thousands of miles from the venue city. This makes the event a truly dynamic experience for all.

These are great tools and features at the fingertips of exhibiting companies and the kiosks are becoming lightweight and more affordable than ever.

Exhibit Trend #4 – Quick Setup Exhibits

Panoramic-H Line Modular Trade Show Displays
Panoramic-H Line Modular Trade Show Displays

As mentioned before, the Panoramic-H Line trade show exhibits are a great modular option that can be used for different booth sizes. However, did you know these are part of a new trend of an out-of-box display type that can be set up in minutes instead of hours?

This video shows from start to finish how easy this system is to set up.

Each Panoramic-H Panel includes the fabric graphics and ships as a complete unit in a crate. Once the crate arrives at your booth space, you simply open it up and pull out the pre-marked panels to connect to the next panel using a Quick Lok — no tools required! Having the fabric graphics already attached, combined with the quick connector, makes for the fastest modular display system on the market.

Over the years, you’ll save countless hours and money at all your shows.

Exhibit Trend #5 – Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs

Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs
Backlit Trade Show Hanging Signs

Your neighbor with a standard non-backlit trade show hanging sign while you have a backlit Casonara hanging sign… domino’s! There’s no comparison as to which will literally outshine the other. They stand out from afar, and these beautifully designed new trade show hanging signs are available in rectangle or cube shapes. Just make sure you use lots of color in your designs to make them pop even more. And don’t forget to order electricity when filling out the raking paperwork!


These are just a few of the latest trends and innovations for trade show exhibits in 2024, and I’m sure there are far more to come before the end of the year.

So stay tuned as we covered these new developments for the rest of the year and 2025, 2026, and beyond.

The future is now!


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