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It is a crucial task to maximize your exhibit space which can make a memorable impact in your trade show events. Open concept exhibit designs are increasingly popular due to their ability to create inviting, spacious, and versatile booth layouts. These designs not only enhance visitor engagement by allowing more attendees to explore the booth comfortably, but they also streamline set-up processes and offer flexible configurations to suit various event needs.

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Simplicity and Functionality with Panoramic H-Line Kits

This week, we are highlighting exceptional open concept Panoramic H-Line Kits that exemplify the balance between simplicity and functionality, ideal for exhibitors looking to make a significant impact with minimalistic design elements.

10X20′ Panoramic H-Line Kit #P:

10X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit P

Design Focus: This kit offers a streamlined approach with a simple back wall equipped with limited shelving for accent items, enhancing the aesthetic without overcrowding the space.
Lighting and Coverage: It includes LED top lighting and side walls that elegantly cover the standard pipe-and-drape provided by show organizers, ensuring your branding stands out.
Budget-Friendly Options: Available for rent at $5,401 or for purchase at $11,386, this option includes full color fabric printing across the entire exhibit and a wooden crate for secure transport.

20X20′ Panoramic H-Line Kit #G:

20X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit G

Ideal for Interaction: Perfect for peninsula booth spaces, this kit features an inviting layout designed to facilitate sit-down meetings with attendees, promoting productive interactions.
Comprehensive Inclusions: The kit comes with a 20ft back wall and four half-panel L walls, all offering double-sided printing to maximize visual reach from various angles.
Affordability: With rental options starting at $7,300 and purchase options at $13,259, this kit also provides a holistic package including a wooden crate for transportation.

20X20′ Contour Kit #A:

20X20' Contour Kit A

Maximal Brand Exposure: This kit takes open concept to new heights with an 11ft tall frame and an overhead hanging sign for superior branding visibility.
All-Inclusive Features: It includes a comprehensive push-pin tube frame system, full-color printing on all elements, and soft travel cases for ease of logistics.
Investment Worth: The rental price is set at $12,546 with a purchase option at $13,246, offering a long-term value for continuous use across various shows.

Enhanced Visual Appeal with Full-Color Printing

All of our Panoramic H-Line and Contour kits come with the option of full-color fabric printing, transforming standard panels into vibrant murals that capture the essence of your brand. The detailed, mural-like graphics stretch seamlessly from one panel to another, creating an immersive visual experience for attendees.

Convenient Long-Term Storage Service

To further ease the logistical challenges of trade show participation, we offer a long-term storage service for your Panoramic H-Line crates. This service allows you to store your booth components safely with us between shows, ensuring that your setup is as seamless and stress-free as possible, ready for quick deployment at your next event.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to design a booth for a 10X20′ space or a larger 20X20′ area, our open concept exhibit solutions provide the flexibility, aesthetic appeal, and functionality needed to make a lasting impression at any trade show.

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