20’X20′ Exhibit Solutions: Panoramic H-Line

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When it comes to making a mark in large exhibition spaces, size and height can make all the difference. This week, we’re spotlighting our premium 20x20ft booth solutions, tailored specifically for exhibitors looking to dominate island or peninsula booth spaces. Our designs leverage towering 11ft tall panels and full-scale customization to ensure your brand stands out, not just across the show floor but above it.

Elevate Your Brand with Our 20x20ft Panoramic H-Line Kits

Our Panoramic H-Line kits are designed to provide an imposing presence while remaining flexible enough to reconfigure for various booth sizes—from 10x10ft to beyond 20x20ft. These kits come fully equipped with high-impact features:

Panoramic H-Line Kit D:

20X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit D

Height and Functionality: Combines an impressive full 11ft height with functional storage rooms featuring locking doors and lightbox corner wall panels.
Complete Branding Package: Includes full color fabric printing for the entire exhibit, enhancing your visual appeal from any angle.
Budget-Friendly Options: Available for rental at $13,633 or purchase at $28,109, this kit includes two wooden crates, ensuring easy transport and storage.

Panoramic H-Line Kit B:

20X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit B

Innovative Design: Perfectly suited for island or peninsula booth setups, this kit includes a fully accessible walk-in area, a personalized archway, a counter, and a hanging sign for trade shows.
Interactive Elements: Includes an L-shaped counter with shelving, a locking door, a TV mount, and center lightbox signage, perfect for engaging with visitors.
Cost-Effective Solutions: Rent this setup for $12,282 or buy it for $23,990, with packaging designed for secure and straightforward handling.

Panoramic H-Line Kit A:

20X20' Panoramic H-Line Kit A

Open Concept Design: Offers an 11ft tall open-concept system complete with storage room, lightbox panels, and extended counters—all under the glow of top LED lights.
Architectural Flexibility: Featuring four archways, this setup is ideal for brands aiming for an immersive experience.
Investment and Rental Options: This comprehensive setup can be rented for $13,873 or purchased for $29,488, both options coming with two wooden crates for safe transportation.

Why Choose Our 20X20′ Solutions?

Our exhibit options are not just about filling a space; they’re about creating an environment that attracts, engages, and converts. With tool-less assembly, vibrant full-color graphics, and the ability to customize using 3D software, our booths are as functional as they are visually compelling. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase, our solutions provide the flexibility to meet your specific event needs without compromising on quality or impact.

In conclusion, if you have a 20x20ft space and want to ensure your exhibit makes a significant impact, our Panoramic H-Line kits are your go-to solutions. Designed for high visibility and ease of use, they provide everything you need to make your next trade show a resounding success.

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