How to Set Up a WaveLight Casonara Back Wall

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The WaveLight Casonara Displays are like a giant backlit billboard. With various sizes ranging from 5ft wide to 20ft wide, these displays feature a full 360 degree walk-around backlit graphic experience.

This guide will help walk you through what the set up process is like. While the parts and images you see in this guide are for an 8ft wide Casonara Backlit Wall, the instructions and process is still the same for your size Casonara Wall.

Make sure to spend a few minutes reviewing the instructions that come with your unit and this will be a helpful overview with how these go together without the need for tools. While a ladder (or step ladder) is helpful and was used in making this guide, most of the assembly can be done on the ground and in your booth space.

Step #1- Remove Casonara Contents from Case and Layout

The first step is to remove the entire contents of your Casonara Back Wall and lay everything in an orderly manner on the ground.

At this point you can take inventory of all the parts, lights, graphics, etc.

Here is a photo showing everything laid out:

Casonara WaveLight Display with Parts Layed Out
Casonara WaveLight Display with Parts Layed Out

Step #2- Begin Assembling Frame

Now that everything is laid out and accounted for, you may begin putting together the frame using the straight poles and corner connectors.

You will know which piece goes with the connector since each end is labeled and color-coded.

Begin assembling everything by color.

You will not be able to assemble anything backwards since each end is a push-pin that will fit through a hole on the frame piece in only one direction.

Continue putting all the straight pieces together until is looks like this:

Casonara WaveLight Display with Poles Layed Out and Ready for Assembly
Casonara WaveLight Display with Poles Layed Out and Ready for Assembly

Next, you will want to assemble the long ends together creating the ‘box’ shape of the frame.

You can now insert the middle support bar vertically in the center (this will help support the LED Ladder Lights in the upcoming steps).

I recommend doing all of this on the ground while it is positioned on it’s side so that it is easier to assemble. Remember if you have a full 20ft Casonara back wall, you will literally need 20ft of space (minimum) to assemble this on it’s side.

Step #3- Attach the Lighting Cable Harness to the Top

Once the entire frame is assembled, the next step is attaching the Cable Harness along the top of the Frame and down the center.

This cable is designed to hold the LED Ladder Lights.

Locate the harness ends and hook it onto the far left and far right sides of the frame.

The cable will go over the top of the middle support bar (see below):

There should be a threaded adjustment to tighten the cable (see below):

How to Set Up a Casonara WaveLight Display Cables
How to Set Up a Casonara WaveLight Display Cables

Step #4- Attach the LED Ladder Lights

Now that your cable harness is firmly in place, you can un-roll the LED Ladder Lights and start from the left or right-side and hook them on the cable like this:

Casonara WaveLight Display Frame Fully Set Up
Casonara WaveLight Display Frame Fully Set Up

Don’t worry about which way the lights face because each row of LED’s alternates between front/ back which is what makes the Casnora backlit from 360 degrees around it.

Make sure the LED Ladder Lights are well-supported and hang from the middle.

Adjust until you have everything laid out well and then tilt up. Try to have at least 2 people assist with tilting up. For a larger unit like the 20ft wide Casonara Back Wall, I recommend having a person on each end and then someone also in the middle (the tallest person) to help support and guide it up and into place.

If it is too heavy, get extra help.

Make sure it can stand firmly in place.

Step #5- Apply the Fabric Graphics

Your next step is to get a ladder and apply the graphics.

Start at the top and find the silicone edge which is stitched into the perimeter of each graphic and insert into the groove of the frame.

Continue applying the fabric into the frame across the top and down the sides until the fabric graphic is firmly in place on all edges.

IMPORTANT: If you find the front or back graphics are too tight to put on, slide the middle frame support out some so that it loosens the frame just enough to complete the graphic installation. Then you can push the middle support firmly back in place and this will tighten everything up.

Repeat for the front/ back and end caps.

Casonara WaveLight Display Attaching the Graphic
Casonara WaveLight Display Attaching the Graphic

Step- #6- Plug in the Transformers (Power Units)

Lastly, take the Transformers (also known as power units) and connect to the LED Ladder Light plugs.

Two sets of LED Ladder Lights can plug into one transformer since each has two plug connectors.

Now plug the transformers into an electrical power strip.

Note: You may need to peel back one of the bottom fabric corners to gain access to the inside like below:

Plug LED Ladder Lights into Transformer
Plug LED Ladder Lights into Transformer

That’s it!

Now you’r ready to hit the switch on the power strip to turn them on.

You should now have a beautiful backlit display like this:

Casonara WaveLight Display Lookin Good
Casonara WaveLight Display Lookin Good
Casonara WaveLight Display Side View
Casonara WaveLight Display Side View

Drop us a line if you have any questions and hopefully this step-by-step guide helps explain in better detail how to set up a Casonara Backlit Wall.

They should assemble pretty quick, especially after you have set one up previously!

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