Panoramic Displays: A Fully Modular Full Booth Package System

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Looking for a modular full booth package? Panoramic-H Displays are our newest addition to the modular, full booth package, and they are quickly becoming our favorite:

These displays are the definition of modular as they are built using 38” wide (as well as some other sizes such as half-height panel, narrower panels, etc.) modules that connect with a push-to-clamp panel connector and since the graphics are installed on the panel frames themselves, the entire process of setting up is, essentially, just connecting the different panels together.  

For how big these display configurations are, they really have no business being as easy as they are to assemble. Thanks to that panel connection system, it takes less than two minutes to connect two panels to each other, so a 10×20 Panoramic-H Booth can take less than one hour to fully set up, with little to no technical knowledge.

And with those panels, comes an almost infinite amount of configurations for your next events. Each panel can be ordered as a monitor module, a shelving module, a backlit module, a brochure module, and several other options, just for the standard panels.

Panoramic-H Features 

Just like our Waveline and WaveLight Displays, these displays can be set up without any sort of tools thanks to the push to clamp panel connectors. Weighing in at just 19lbs per panel, these displays are extremely manageable by yourself, but ask about our expert assembly teams available at most larger trade show venues if you’d like a full-service experience.

This easy assembly is thanks to the toolless design, pre-installed full color fabric graphics, and lightweight, aluminum frame panels means that assembly will be quick if you’re setting it up yourself, or you’ll be saving money on labor if you’re using the show site labor.

Each panel is individually marked to let you know what goes where and in what order, reducing any technical experience requirements that other displays might have. Simply look at the panel’s number and color and then match it up to its associated panel.  

Panoramic-H Exhibit Benefits

The aluminum SEG extrusions that make up the frames in the panoramic display system are what allows this display system to do the things that it does. Nearly all the components in this system use this SEG frame system which allows for the following add-on options:

  • Shelving
  • Lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Counters
  • Monitors
  • Grid Walls
  • Lightboxes
  • Garment Racks
  • Brochure and Media Holders
  • Header Modules
  • USB Consoles
  • Storage areas
  • Meeting rooms

The pictures here show what’s possible with just 13 components: 4 different layouts for 4 different shows with 2 different booth spaces. This system saves you time and money when setting up for the different shows that you go to. No more unique-to-show display pieces – use the same panels, counters, and other components at different shows.

The packages can ship in as little as one “H3” shipping crate, which allows for easy transportation and storage for all the panels within your selected booth configuration. 

And to make things better, these displays can be purchased rented for special events or non-common shows that you attend which lets you use a bigger display configuration than what you would normally pick and/or save money and time on the reverse logistics, storage, and hassle of keeping the display after the show.   

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to start building out your next display? Check out these displays here: (Link) to see our already pre-designed booth configurations and to see potential ideas for your upcoming event. On these displays, you can build out certain components such as the counters, lighting, header modules, etc. but if you really want to get custom, buckle up:

You can start the process of building a panoramic display configuration with or without an idea of what you may want. We’re able to take what you want out of your next event and design a booth configuration that delivers on those needs. 

For example, if you want to showcase your products and have a place to discuss these products with potential customers, we can design, and render, a display that is configured with shelving modules, counters, a private meeting area or counters where you can meet with these show attendees. Alongside this photo render, we’ll have a complete parts list with the quote, and also include a freight quote for the logistical side of your display. 

If you’re ready to get started with the panoramic display system, take a look at the contact options below: 

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